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Members' Area

Members of The Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee Inc. have access to content not available to the general public.

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Content which can be found in the Members' Area:

  • A growing archive of over 145 newspaper articles * UPDATED *
  • Records held by the Brighton General Cemetery Trust of Gordon's grave
  • Extracts from the Penola Police Journal during Gordon's period as a police trooper (1855-58)
  • Gordon's coronial inquest held on 25 June 1870
  • Copies of Gordon's speeches and other references in the SA Hansard during his time as a South Australian Parliamentarian * UPDATED *
  • Timeline on key dates relating to Adam Lindsay Gordon * UPDATED *
  • Tribute poems written by admirers of Gordon. * UPDATED *
  • Gordon's racing career * UPDATED *

We are constantly adding more information, so why not join and gain access to a growing archive?

Commemorating Australia's National Poet

The aim of The Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee Inc. is to promote the knowledge of the poet and to raise enough money to restore the monument over his grave in the Brighton General Cemetery, which has fallen into a state of neglect.