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Gordon's Poems

A Basket of Flowers

A Dedication

A Fragment

A Hunting Song

A Legend of Madrid

A Song of Autumn

An Exile's Farewell


Ars Longa

Ashtaroth; A Dramatic Lyric


Borrow'd Plumes


Cui Bono


De Te

Doubtful Dreams

Early Adieux

Exodus Parthenidae


Fragmentary Scenes from
'The Road to Avernus':

I.  'Discontent'

VII.  'Two Exhortations'

IX.  'In the Garden'

X.  'After the Quarrel'

XI.  'Ten Paces Off'

Last Scene.  'Exeunt'

From Lightning and Tempest

From the Wreck


Hippodromania; or, Whiffs from the Pipe.
(In Five Parts)

Part I: Visions in the Smoke

Part II: The Fields of Coleraine

Part III: Credat Judaeus Apella

Part IV: Banker's Dream

Part V: Ex Fumo Dare Lucen

How we Beat the Favourite


No Name

Pastor Cum

Podas Okus

Quare Fatigasti

Rippling Water

Sunlight on the Sea

The Feud: A Border Ballad

The Last Leap

'The Old Leaven'

The Old Station

The Rhyme of Joyous Garde

The Roll of the Kettledrum

The Romance of Britomarte

The Sick Stockrider

The Song of the Surf

The Swimmer

The Three Friends

Thick-headed Thoughts

Thora's Song

To a Proud Beauty

To My Sister

To My Soul


Vae Victis!

Verses inspired by 'My Old Black Pipe'

Whisperings in Wattle-Boughs

Wolf and Hound

Wormwood and Nightshade

Ye Warie Wayfarer, hys Ballad.
(In Eight Fyttes)

I. By Wood and Wold

II. By Flood and Field

III. Zu der edlen Yagd

IV. In Utrumque Paratus

V. Lex Talionis

VI. Potters' Clay

VII. Cito Pede Preterit Aetas

VIII. Finis Exoptatus

Poems incorrectly attributed to Gordon

A Voice From the Bush

I am weary, let me go

The Death of Nelson

Tribute Poems

A selection of Tribute Poems written about Gordon can be found under the Members' Area.

Australia's National Poet - His Works

Adam Lindsay Gordon was a literary genius and he set down all his sights, sounds, and feelings into the form of poetry, mostly with a pencil whilst horse riding from station to station.  In all of his 16 years in Australia, Gordon published four books of poetry and wrote numerous articles for newspapers.  He was his own harshest critic, discarding entire poems at whim when a single word exasperated him.

All the experiences that Gordon encountered in the South East of South Australia were completely foreign to him.  The landscape, flora and fauna and the weather with hot dry summers and clear starry nights.  Also the nearby ocean fascinated him.

I would that with sleepy, soft embraces

The sea would fold me—would find me rest

In luminous shades of her secret places,

In depths where her marvels are manifest ;

So the earth beneath her should not discover

My hidden couch-nor the heaven above her—

As a strong love shielding a weary lover,

I would have her shield me with shining breast.

- The Swimmer

Gordon left no doubt that he held the horse in high regard.

In their own generation the wise may sneer,

They hold our sports in derision ;

Perchance to sophist, or sage, or seer,

Were allotted a graver vision.

Yet if man, of all the Creator plann'd,

His noblest work is reckoned,

Of the works of His hand, by sea or by land,

The horse may at least rank second.

- Visions in the Smoke

Gordon's verses have a human touch direct and sincere that only an expert horseman could pen.

Dark-brown with tan muzzle, just stripped for the tussle,

Stood Iseult, arching her neck to the curb,

A lean head and fiery, strong quarters and wiry,

A loin rather light, but a shoulder superb.

-  How we Beat the Favourite