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:: From the Archives

(above) From the Dingley Dell collection is a photo of the Marine Hotel in 1933 taken for a large framed series of photo relating to the Poet Gordon.

Marine Hotel

The Marine Hotel on the corner of Park and New Street, Brighton was Gordon's favoured watering hole during his time while residing at Brighton.

(above) Hitching post outside The Marine Hotel taken February 2006

"Adam Lindsay Gordon
Poet and Horseman
Tethered his horse to this hitching post
During his residence in Brighton 1869 - 1870
A shining soul with syllables of fire
who sang the first great songs
these lands can claim (Kendall)
Preserved and dedicated to his memory by
The United Licensed Victuallers Association
20th October 1945"

(above) Side of hitching post taken February 2006