The Paul Montford designed monument of Adam Lindsay Gordon at Gordon Square, Spring Street, Melbourne.

Gathering at Gordon Square

John Adams welcoming everyone.

Allan Childs, President of The Adan Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee Inc. and caretaker of Dingley Dell - Port MacDonnell (SA).

At the gathering.

Allan Childs addressing the crowd.

Honouring Australia's National Poet.

Travis M. Sellers relating to the crowd a story of Gordon's riding exploits.

Glenny Palmer addressing the crowd.

Glenny Palmer was a popular winner of the 2008 Adam Lindsay Gordon Poetry Competition.

At Gordon Square

John Adams addressing the crowd.

Remembering Gordon.

Allan Childs laying a wattle wreath.

Blowing bubbles.

Paying respects.

Elrae Adams laying wattle wreaths.

Watching the bubbles flow.

More bubbles.

Gordon watching bubbles flow past.

All blowing bubbles.

Gathering at the statue.

Vivienne Sellers blowing bubbles.

Lella Cariddi of the World Poetry welcoming the public at Federation Square.

Comedian Geoff Dening, master of ceremonies.

Geoff Dening presenting first prize to Glenny Palmer for her poem Kindred Spirits. The prize was donated by Susan Pender.

Second prize winner Stefan Nicholson reciting his poem Rise Swiftly Up.

Winner of the Student Prize, Sondra Solomon reading her poem Foreign Shores.

Special Guest, Professor Michael Wilding.

Professor Michael Wilding speaking at Federation Square.

President Allan Childs with Maxwell and Alix Atkins, grand-daughter of Charles Long, Chairman of the Gordon Memorial Committee

Committee member Lorraine Day speaking about the life and times of Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Glenny Palmer reciting her poetry at Federation Square.