1900 June Australian Literature Society anniversary meeting chaired by C.R.Long (Fitzroy City Press Vic. Friday 6 July 1900 Page 3)
1900 Oct 23 Mr .Lance.A. Skulthorpe professional horse trainer, son of Mr. J.R Skulthorpe, Moree NSW repeated Gordon’s Blue Lake jump in the presence of many spectators. (The Coleraine Albion Friday 26 October 1900)
1901 June Australian Literature Society, Adam Lindsay Gordon Gathering chaired by A.T. Browne (Rolfe Boldrewood)
(Fitzroy City Press Vic. Friday 21 June 1901 Page 3)
1901 Oct 26 Jockey Tom Hales died at his residence in Moonee Ponds Vic. (The Register (Adelaide, SA Monday 28 October 1901, page 7)
1902 Jan 18 Caroline Cecile Marie Heath, daughter of Ignez Gordon, died in Melbourne – Tombstone at Warringal Heidelberg Cemetery
1902 Feb 17 Arthur Patchett Martin dies in London. He was responsible for popularising Gordon in England.
(The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Thursday 20 February 1902, page 7)
1902 June 23 Australian Literature Society, Adam Lindsay Gordon Gathering Furlongs Rooms. .Chaired by the president Dr McInerney. 
(Fitzroy City Press Vic. Friday 27 June 1902 Page 3)
1902 June 23 Australian Literature Society now looks after Gordon’s Grave. (Fitzroy City Press Vic. Friday 27 June 1902 Page 3)
1903 June 15 Australian Literature Society Adam Lindsay Gordon gathering in Furlong’s Rooms.
1904 Mar 12 Inez Annie Gordon, daughter of above ,Caroline, died. Buried same tomb.- Tombstone at Warringal Heidelberg Cemetery
1904 April Rudyard Kipling presents deceased authors in parody. Amongst them Adam Lindsay Gordon whose name is now
Considered to be established. (Sunday Times Perth, WA Sunday 10 April 1904 Page 8)
1904 June 20 Meeting of the Australian Literature Society at Furlong’s Music Studio (The Argus Melbourne Tuesday 17 May 1904 Page 6)
1905 June 9 William Trainor speaks at the Australian Literature Society gathering in Melbourne (The Advertiser (Adelaide Monday 12 June 1905 Page 4)
1905 July 1 Gathering of admirers at Brighton Vic. Grave. Tree planted by Miss A Horton , one of a party from Cheltenham. Wreath of wattle
intermingled with autumn leaves laid. ( Mornington Standard Vic. Saturday 8 July 1905 Page 4)
1906 July 24 A teacher finds out that her 5th grade Melbourne Suburban State School pupils had never heard of Adam Lindsay Gordon.
(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Wednesday 25 July 1906, page 5)
1907 June 4 Gordon’s poems have been growing in popularity over the last two decades…with some doubts.
(Kalgoorlie Western Argus WA Tuesday 4 June 1907 Page 44)
1907 June 13 Australian Literature Society Gordon Night at which a paper-THE ONE-STRINGED LUTE- was read by its author Mrs. A.H.MacDonald of Collingwood. (Border Watch Mount Gambier, SA Saturday 6 July 1907 Page 4)
1908 June 17 Letter in the Argus complaining about the bad state of ALG’s grave and questioning whether a fund had been set up to look after it. (The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Friday 17 July 1908, page 7)
1908 June 18 Tenth anniversary of the Gordon Night held in Furlong’s rooms by the Australian Literature Society. Guest speaker was the poet Mr. Bernard O’Dowd (The Coburg Leader (Vic. : 1890 – 1913), Saturday 20 June 1908, page 1)
1908 Oct 19 75th Birthday.
1909 Feb 9 ANA made arrangements with the Trustees of the Brighton General Cemetery in Victoria for the proper care and maintenance of the poet’s grave. The initial move on this matter was prompted largely by Mr. A. A. Peverill, J. P. of the South Melbourne branch of the 
Australian Natives Association, who became Chief President of the ANA in Victoria in 1909. As far as can be ascertained, the ANA is 
nowadays, the only organisation [that] maintains such payments year by year. (See Anapress of December 1978, page 4; March 1979, 
page 26; December 1982, pages 3-5 and March 1983, page 7).
The ANA has made available free to interested persons over 100 cuttings from the Diosma shrub (Coleonema Album) adjacent to the 
monument on the grave of Adam Lindsay Gordon.
1909 Feb 27 Fire broke out around Dingley Dell Cottage and was brought under control. (The Advertiser Adelaide, SA 1 March 1909 Page 10)
1909 June 17 Annual Gordon Night held in Furlongs rooms by The Australian Literature Society.
1909 Aug A.H. Massina and Company of Melbourne have found in the publication of ALG’s books of late years, a little gold mine.
(Sunday Times Perth, WA Sunday 15 August 1909 Page 4S)
1909 Sept Sea Spray and Smoke Drift-Melbourne by Mr. T.C Lothian who took advantage of the expiry of copyright to print a cheap, selling for 1/-. An introduction by Mr Walter Murdoch.(The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 – 1931), Saturday 25 September 1909, page 13)
1909 Nov Dr. W.H.Fitchett has an article in the November issue of “Life Magazine” giving the fullest account yet seen on the life of Adam Lindsay Gordon (Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA Wednesday 10 November 1909 Page 1S)
1910 Jan 31 Sixth Exhibition of Australian Manufactures and Products, promoted by the Metropolitan Committee of the Australian Natives’ Association, Exhibition Building, Melbourne, January 31st to February 26th, 1910… Avenues at the Exhibition named after Australian literary figures including Gordon. (The Advertiser Adelaide, Wednesday 2 February 1910 Page 8)
1910 Feb 16 Letter in The Arges dated 15th Feb asking that the ANA erect a more fitting monument in Brighton Cemetery to the “cheap column”.
The Rev Frank Lynch. St. Pauls, Caulfield (The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Wednesday 16 February 1910, page 6)
1910 Feb 18 A letter to The Argus again stating the neglected state of ALG’s grave and saying that the ANA should levy its members for upkeep.(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Friday 18 February 1910, page 5)
1910 June Miss Edith Humphris contributed a fine article on Adam Lindsay Gordon to the “Sporting and Dramatic News”
(The Daily News Perth WA Friday 22 July 1910 Page 4)
1910 June 8 Meeting of Australian Literature Society Gordon Night in Furlong’s Rooms. Dr T.P McInerny Chair. Elizabeth Lauder, Maldon Robb and items. (Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA : 1861 – 1954), Saturday 18 June 1910, page 4)
1910 June 23 An admirer visited Gordon’s grave and wants a fence put around it, like all of the others in the cemetery.
(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. Friday 24 June 1910 Page 5)
1910 June 30 Caulfield and Elsternwick Branch of ANA asked their board of directors to take steps to look after ALG’s grave but request was refused.(Kilmore Free Press Kilmore, Vic.Thursday 30 June 1910 Page 1)
1910 Sep 1 Wattle Day celebrated for the first time in several States of Australia.( The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Friday 1 September 1911, page 5)
1910 Sept Elizabeth Lauder sent black wattle seeds of her own and also from Gordon’s grave to the Mayor of Ballarat to be planted over Annie’s grave. (Barrier Miner Broken Hill,Wednesday 28 September 1910 Page 4)
1910 Sept 11 First regular pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery- “Age” 12/9/10 Page 7 Sprigs of Wattle laid on the grave being the first September of Wattle Day celebrations in Victoria. Those present also started the statue movement. (Examiner (Launceston, Tas. : 1900 – 1954), Saturday 9 October 1915, page 3)
1910 Nov 1 Rev T Moorhouse agreed to exchange flags between a Moorabbin School and Gordon’s Cheltenham School in England Mr. T.A. Pettit.(Traralgon Record Traralgon, Vic. Tuesday 1 November 1910 Page 2)
1910 The Earl of Dudley an admirer of Gordon Donated £60 towards keeping the memory of Gordon alive.
1911 Sep 1 A letter to the editor from Gordon’s biographer, A.J. Sullivan, reminding the public that on Wattle day, Gordon was the first in Australia to sing the praises of the wattle in his poems. (The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. Friday 1 September 1911 Page 6) (The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Friday 1 September 1911, page 5)
1911 Sept 3 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery Organised by the ANA- “Age” 2/9/11. Page 5 Statue first mooted (reported at 1912 Pilgrimage)
1911 Sep 23 A suggestion is made that Dingley Dell Cottage should be purchased and held in trust for the people.
(The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Saturday 23 September 1911, page 12)
1911 Sep 23 Wattle Day declared in Queensland. For some years the ANA have been placing wattle on Gordon’s grave
(Queensland Figaro Brisbane, QLD Thursday 21 September 1911 Page 15)
1911 Nov 20 Meeting in King’s Theatre Russell Street Melbourne for a statue in Spring Street (now Gordon Square.)
Proposed by Mr. Julius Grant of the King’s Theatre who is acting as secretary.
1911 Dec 6 Mr.Grant Hervey, Casterton has produced a play about ALG “A Sportsman and a Man” for touring.
(Border Watch Mount Gambier, SA Wednesday 6 December 1911 Page 2)
1911 Dec 9 Preliminary meeting in King’s Theatre Melbourne chaired by Mr Duggan to approach the public for subscriptions to erect a public 
statue to Gordon. (The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Monday 11 December 1911, page 6)
1911 Dec 18 Public meeting held at the King’s Theatre for a statue in Spring Street. In the absence of Sir John Madden
the chair was taken by Mr Edmund Duggan and a committee was formed. Letters sent to most newspapers asking for subscriptions.
(The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Saturday 23 December 1911, page 12)
1911 Dec 18 A letter to the editor of many Australian newspapers appears from Douglas Sladen in England asking for memorabilia for his book with Edith Humphris, ALG and his friends England & Australia. (The Advertiser Adelaide Monday 18 December 1911 Page 14)
1912 Subscriptions to the Adam Lindsay Gordon statue appeal are recorded almost daily in the newspapers. With the ANA pledging support 
and the Theatre profession to stage fund-raising shows and to organise a race meeting. (The Advertiser Adelaide, SA : 1889 – 1931), 
Saturday 13 January 1912, page 18, 19)
1912 Jan 23 Executive Committee Meeting of Gordon Memorial Committee at the Green Room Club Bourke St, 
1912 Feb 25 Meeting with Mr Murray to discuss erection of a statue in Spring Street,(now Gordon Square) “Argus” 27 Feb 1912 p6
(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956) Monday 26 February 1912 Pge 7)
1912 Mar 12 Port Melbourne Branch of the ANA lodges and emphatic protest against its board of directors in its appeal to branches to fund ALG statue seeing that the Port Melbourne Branch was refused permission by them to appeal to branches for funds to keep in order the 
grave of the founder of the ANA Mr. W.A. Robbins. (The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Thursday 14 March 1912, page 7)
1912 Mar 14 Executive Committee Meeting of Gordon Memorial Committee at the Green Room Club Bourke Street Resignation of Secretary Julius grant announced due to business commitments Senator Blakey appointed..(Argus 15.3.1912)
1912 Mar 23 Interview with Mrs. Low. S.A. “Advertiser” 23/3/1912 Page 19
1912 May Mr George Sladen and wife, on visiting England for a summer holiday, met with Douglas Sladen and gave him much information for his Book with Edith Humphris- Adam Lindsay Gordon and his Friends in England and Australia. (Border Watch Mount Gambier, SA 5 
June 1912 Page 2)
1912 June A special evening has been arranged in Melbourne by the Australian Literature Society for the anniversary of Adam Lindsay Gordon.
(Queensland Figaro (Brisbane, QLD : 1901 – 1936) Tuesday 18 June 1912 Page 15)
1912 June 25 Copyright on Gordon’s poems expires today. Frank Maldon Robb to publish a book of ALG’s poems, with introduction, in London almost immediately. (Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA : 1861 – 1954), Saturday 29 June 1912, page 4.Resulting in a revival in public interest in Gordon. (The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Saturday 7 December 1912, page 6)
1912 July 4 “A Sportsman and a Man” Mr Hervey’s play performed by the Harry Craig Co. at the Horsham Town Hall.( The Horsham Times Vic. Tuesday 25 June 1912, page 5)
1912 Sep 1 About 2000 attend annual pilgrimage to Gordon’s grave. “Age” 2/9/12 Page 9. The surrounding graves were trampled. Next year’s pilgrimage to be held In the Reserve near to the grave and not at the graveside. (Worker (Brisbane, Qld. Friday 8 August 1913 Page 43)
1912 Sep 1 In Pathe’s Australian Gazette (Film) there is a section depicting Dr J Summers, the veteran Perth musician, at the memorial celebrations at Gordon’s Grave. (The Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 – 1950), Thursday 19 September 1912, page 5 )
1912 Oct 24 Bert Bailey Dramatic Company performed “On Our Selection” at the King’s Theatre to raise funds for statue. (The Register (Adelaide, SA Saturday 19 October 1912, page 16)
1912 Nov 2 Book “Adam Lindsay Gordon and His Friends in England and Australia” Humphris Sladen, received and reviewed in Australia.
(The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 – 1931), Saturday 2 November 1912, page 6)
1912 Nov 25 Pleasant Sunday afternoon arranged with the permission of William Anderson to use his King’s theatre as a funder raiser for the ALG Memorial statue fund. (The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Saturday 24 February 1912, page 25)
1913 Jan 23 Dingley Dell sold in Mount Gambier and surrounding land divided, – House to Mr A Rooke Mt Gambier 101 acres @ £3.75 per acre (Western Mail Perth, WA Friday 14 February 1913)( The Mail (Adelaide, SA Saturday 4 January 1913 Next issue Previous page Page 1 S)
1913 July Jean Lees nee Jane Bridges Dies
1913 Aug 28 Letter of praise from Retired US President Theodore Roosevelt to Newton Wanliss Esq. Ballarat
(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Saturday 18 October 1913, page 18)
1913 Aug. 31 Annual pilgrimage to grave held with appeal for statue in Gordon Square. “Age” 1/9/13 Page 11 Thousands attended. Platform in the outer reserve.
1913 Oct 11 Interview with Brazenor re Gordon “Argus” 11.10.13
1914 Mar 20 Mount Gambier “Adam Lindsay Gordon Steepelchase”-an early record (The Register Adelaide, SA Monday 23 March 1914 page 6)
1914 Apr 14 Elizabeth Lauder dies.3 Division Place South Melbourne (One of the oldest residents ). Aged 80 Friend of Gordon’s . She had a whip and other relics of Gordon which she treasured with pride. Elizabeth was buried at the Springvale Necropalis. (he Argus (Melbourne, 
Vic. Wednesday 15 April 1914 Page 9)
1914 Apr 24 Meeting of the Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial Committee in the Green Room Club, Bourke Street discusses ways to raise money with £300 on hand and £1000 to go. (The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Tuesday 28 April 1914, page 6)
1914 Oct 27 Explorer Sir John Forest uses Gordon’s words from his poem “Gone” to unveil a monument in Swan hill to the explorers of Australia.(The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA Tuesday 3 November 1914 Page 9)
1914 Sep 6 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery “Argus” 7/9/14 Page 7 2000 present
1915 Jun 9 Mr A Rook taking steps to open his Dingley Dell to visitors with a view to start restoration. (The Register (Adelaide, SA Wednesday 9 June 1915, page 6 )
1915 Sept. 5 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery “Argus” 6/9/15 Page 6 (About 2000 attended in the outer reserve) A comparison was made between the recent charge at Gallipoli and the influence of Gordon’s recklessness through his life and poems.( The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Monday 6 September 1915, page 7)
1915 Oct 8 Australian Literature Society Gordon Evening. Mr Furlong entertained. Mr William Trainor aged 76 in attendance. (Border Watch 
(Mount Gambier, Wednesday 20 October 1915, page 4)
1915 Oct 17 Shrub “Laurustinus” planted in Vansittart Park, Mount Gambier by John Livingston MHR. Taken from Gordon’s grave “The Australasian Saturday 23 October 1915, page 37 (This shrub died and was replaced by a tree- July 1916) “The Register Adelaide Wednesday 13 December 1916, page 9” 
1915 Oct 19 Adam Lindsay Gordon Concert put on by the Australian Literature Society in Melbourne in aid of sick and wounded soldiers. 
(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956), Wednesday 20 October 1915, page 10)
1916 July Dead shrub “Laurustinus” in Vansittart Park Mount Gambier replaced with a Golden Wattle. George Riddoch promised to have a 
marble tablet ready to erect beside it. See 9th Dec 1916.(The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Wednesday 13 December 1916, page 9) 
1916 Sep 3 Annual Pilgrimage to Gordon’s grave. “Argus” 4/9/16 Page 6 Recorded in the film “The Life’s Romance of Adam Lindsay Gordon”
Starring the poet Hugh McCrae. The film was released the next day at Hoyts Olympia Theatre in Melbourme.
The National Film and Sound Archives. Australia
1916 Oct The death is reported from Ballarat. of Mr. William Brazenor. He was born in Shropshire in 1832, and came to Australia in 1857. He 
took a keen interest in hunting in the early days, and claimed a close acquaintance with the poet Adam Lindsay Gordon. (The West 
Australian (Perth, WA. Wednesday October 25 1916)
1916 Dec 9 Marble tablet unveiled by the donor Mr George Riddoch in Vansittart Park alongside Mr Driscoll’s wattle tree from the Brighton Grave.(Chronicle (Adelaide, SA Saturday 23 December 1916, page 11)
1917 Jan 13 Wattle tree Gordon’s grave at the Brighton General Cemetery, Victoria, planted by Gordon’s friend George Riddoch under a memorial tablet in Vansittart Park at Mt. Gambier.
1917 Apr 21 John William McPhail, companion to ALG dies in Ballarat aged 72. (The Daily News Perth, WA Monday 23 April 1917 Page 2)
1917 Jun 3 William Trainor died- Tombstone Brighton General Cemetery. Buried next to Gordon.
1917 Sep 2 3000 gather at Gordon’s grave. Speakers Australian Literature Society and Brighton’s Mayor Lt. Col. J Hanby. “Age” 3/9/17 Page 4
1918 Feb 2 Giant storm rips through Brighton Cemetery and topples ALG’s column, breaking wreath. The only grave damaged.
(Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 – 1954), Tuesday 5 February 1918, page 2)
1918 Sep 1 Several thousand gather at Gordon’s grave. Column restored after cyclone damage. “Age” 2/9/18 Page 6
1919 Jan 30 Henry (Harry) Stockdale died in Sydney NSW (The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Saturday 17 May 1919, page 10)
1919 Apr 9 Maldon Robb died in The Alfred Hospital from pneumonia. (The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 10 April 1919, page 8)
1919 Apr 23 George Riddoch died- Tombstone Buried Mt. Gambier Cemetery
1919 May 17 Interview with Harry Stockdale appears. “Argus” 17/5/1919 Page 5
1919 Aug 5 Meeting in The Green Room Club Melbourne. The Adam Lindsay Gordon Pilgrimage Committee and The Gordon Memorial Fund 
decided to combine to form The Gordon Pilgrimage Committee. (The Register Adelaide, SA Thursday 7 August 1919 Page 6)
1919 Sep 11 Dingley Dell up for sale, 110 acres passed in at auction at £2/10/- per acre but then sold privately to Mr G.F. Madeley of Port
Macdonnell at £2/12/6 per acre.
1919 Aug 22 Meeting at Melbourne Town Hall by Gordon Memorial Committee to discuss arrangement for re-interment of Annie Gordon and 
1919 Oct 3 Annie Lindsay Gordon re-interred, from Ballarat, with her father. The year Maggie died. “Age” 4/10/19 Page (Maggie is buried at
Bordertown Cemetery) Left 4 sons and 3 daughters.
1919 Oct 5 Pilgrimage to Brighton “Age” 6/10/19 Page 6
1919 Oct 22 Movement in Adelaide for the purchase of Dingley Dell on behalf of the State. (Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW Wednesday 22 
October 1919 Page 2)
1919 Nov 29 Margaret Low died- (S.A. “Advertiser’ 1/12/19) Aged 74 years. Buried in Bordertown cemetery
1920 The statue fund committee resolved to publish an edition-de-luxe of Gordon’s poems.
1920 Feb 18 Dingley Dell purchased by George Frederick Madely. (Property had previously been in several hands) (J.K. Moir Border Watch (Mount Gambier,Thursday 2 December 1937, page 1)
1920 Aug 22 Edmund Duggan conducts a concert in Her Majesty’s Theatre Perth to raise funds for a statue to Gordon in every State Capital.
(Sunday Times Perth, WA Sunday 22 August 1920 Page 2S)
1920 Oct 3 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery “Age’ 4/10/20
1921 Sep 21 Preliminary meeting of the Dingley Dell Committee held.- Minute Book.
1921 Oct 3 Dingley Dell Restoration Committee met S.A. Government representative- Minute Book.
1921 Oct 9 4000 attended. Senator Russell. President of the Gordon Memorial Committee presided. “Age” 10/10/21 Page 8
1921 Oct 29 Meeting at Mount Gambier by the Mount Gambier Progress Association proposed to raise funds for a Dingley Dell National Park 
(Argus 19/11/21)
1921 Theodore Penleigh Boyd used “Twixt Shadow and Shine” as a theme for his painting.
1922 Jan 30 Public Working Bee at Dingley Dell to improve property. (Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA : 1861 – 1954), Tuesday 10 January 1922, page 3)
1922 Feb 17 Dingley Dell, owned by George Frederick Madely,Port MacDonnell Bought by South Australian Government, Minister in charge of The National Pleasure Resorts Act 1914 at the request of the Dingley Dell Restoration Committee 15 Acres £165 First house on South 
Australia’s Heritage Register. _Title Deeds. (J.K. Moir Border Watch (Mount Gambier,Thursday 2 December 1937, page 1)
1922 Mar 6 
April 18 Letters dated 6th March & 18th April 1922 were read stating the Certificate of Right of Burial for graves in which the late 
Adam Lindsay Gordon is buried have been transferred to W. Smithers Gadd by Gordons [sic] Widow & he intended 
transferring it to the Secretary of the Aust Natives Association. Resolved the Trustees of the late Mrs Lowe must resell 
through the Trustees of the Cemetery as advised by the Secretary on the 12 March 1922.
1922 Sep 24 Largest crowd ever attended a memorial service in the Outer Reserve of the Brighton General Cemetery, Melbourne Victoria.
“Age” 25/9/22 Page 6.
1922 Nov 3 25th Gordon Night held by The Australian Literature Society in Melbourne (The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Tuesday 7 
November 1922, page 8)
1922 Nov 5 Concert to raise funds for statue, held in Her Majesty’s Theatre by the Theatrical profession. Senator Edward Russell presided
1923 The City Boys News Club moved to 109-117 Little Collins Street, demolishing the old Adam and Eve Hotel built in 1854. 
Here it built a sizeable club centre which was substantially updated twice.( Photo Gold Museum Ballarat)
1923 Sep 23 Memorial Service addressed by 2 MLA’s, Chief Commissioner of Police and C.R. Long, Education Department. ”Age” 24/9/23 Page 9
1923 Nov 28 Article on publication of Gordon’s poems appeared- Argus 28.11.23 p.10
1924 Sep 21 Record Crowd- Two lorries used as platforms at new location cnr. North Road and Hawthorn Road. Speakers W.M. Hughes MHR (too ill) An MLA The Australian Natives Association. The Education Department. The Australian Literature Society. The Institute of Arts of 
Letters. An ex Mayor of Bendigo. “Age ‘ 22/9/24 Page 8
1925 Sep 20 About 3000 attended this function which was attended the function which was presided over by C.R. Long of the Education 
Department. “Age” 21/9/25 Page 11
1926 Oct The Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial Volume Edited by E.A. Vidler was published
1926 Jan 2 Peter Low Died.- “Chronicle” Jan 1926.
1926 Sep 19 Pilgrimage to Brighton “Age” 20/9/26 Page 12.
1927 Sep 18 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery. “Age” 19/9/27 Page 12.
1928 Sep 23 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery. “Age” 23/9/28 Page 8.
1928 Nov 9 Melbourne City Council agrees to a request for a site reservation in the city for a statue of Gordon and donates £250 (The Argus 
1928 Nov 11 The Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial Committee revealed a” standing model” of Gordon contemplated by Paul Montford (The Argus 12/11/1928)
1929 The ‘School Paper was replaced by the ‘Victorian Readers’. The School Paper was used as supplementary reading material after this 
1929 Jan 26 Assemblage at Dingley Dell-Australia Day
1929 May 9 State Parliamentary House Committee granted the request of the Adam Lindsay Gordon Society for a statue to be placed in Spring Street (Argus 10.5.29) 
1929 June 1 Announcement in the Argus that the State Parliamentary House Committee has set aside land in Spring Street for statue (previously occupied by the 8 hour day monument)
1929 Aug 7 First annual pilgrimage made to Dingley Dell, Port MacDonnell, South Australia. “Border Watch” 8/8/29.
1929 Sep 29 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery “Argus” 30/9/29 Page 5.
1930’ s (During) The Mount Gambier Branch of the ANA organised a number of pilgrimages to Dingley Dell
1930 Feb. The Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial Committee signed the contract with Paul Montford to build a statue to be placed in Spring 
Street and paid him £100.
1930 Sep 6 Pilgrimage to Dingley Dell (Second)- “Border Watch” 6/9/30
1930 Sep 28 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery. “Age” 29/9/30. Page 10
1931 Aug 18 Pilgrimage to Dingley Dell (Third) “Border Watch’ 18/8/31
1931 Nov 1 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery- “Age” 2/11/31 2000 people attended
1932 Sep 18 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery “Argus” 19/9/32 Page 8.
1932 Oct 20 Scroll placed in pedestal of Paul Montford Adam Lindsay Gordon statue “Age” 21/10/32 Page 18 (or 13)
1932 Oct 29 Pilgrimage to Dingley Dell (The fourth) “Border Watch” 29/10/32
1932 Oct 30 Statue by Paul Montford unveiled at 3 pm in Spring Street Melbourne (Now Gordon Reserve.) “Age” 31/10/32 Page 8
1932 Tablet unveiled on house in Cheltenham, England.


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