​Flemington Racecourse (Accession no(s) IMP24/01/67/9,  State Library of Victoria)


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1852 Mar. 25 Stole horse belonging to Charley Walker from Lallah Rookh’s Stable to race in the Berkley Hunt Cup Prestbury UK
Rides her in the Berkley Hunt Cup. Said to have contributed to Gordon’s leaving England. 
1852 Sep 21 Wins a race on Louisa, Late Lallah Rookh
1860 Feb 3 Came second at Inverness races, Mosquito Plains Penola Hurdle on Robertson’s “Gaylad”.
1860 Mar 19 Mount Gambier Autumn Races. First on “Waverley” in hurdle race.
1861 Feb 1 Unplaced at Penola Hurdle on J.Locke’s “Cigar”.
1861 June 20 Mount Gambier Storekeeper’s purse in 2nd race Gordon came second on own “Eagle’ Hurdle race. 6 leaps over 4’6” fences. (Won by default of winner)
1861 Oct 1s MacDonnell Bay Steeple. Won on Blakesley’s “Vanguard”
1861 Dec 5 Second at Hamilton Steeple race on Blakesley’s “Vanguard”
1861 Dec 26 Mount Gambier. Gordon was successful in the hurdle race. First on “Sandlark.”
1862 Jan 15 A Win at The Penola Steeple SA on his own “Vanguard “
1862 Feb 28 A win at the Guichen Bay Hurdle on “Ivanhoe”
1862 Mar 1 Unplaced in Steward’s purse(SA) on” Vanguard”
1862 Mar 22 Unplaced Branxholme Hurdle (Vic) on “Ivanhoe”
1862 May 20 Came third at Great Western Steeple- Coleraine (Vic) on Vanguard
1862 May 21 Unplaced Casterton (Vic) Hurdle on Ivanhoe
1862 Sep 26 A win at the Mount Gambier Steeple Chase on “Ivanhoe”
1862 Sep 27 Unplaced in Mount Gambier Handicap on” Ivanhoe”
1862 Sept. Had a fall from a race-horse at or near Robe and met his future wife Maggie Park.
1862 Dec15 Hamilton Hurdle. Unplaced on Modesty
1863 May 5 A win at the Border Steeple race. Mount Gambier First on Blakesley’s “ Modesty”
1863 May14 Came third at Great Western Steeple-Coleraine (Vic) on Wilson’s “Modesty”
1863 Sept 10 Second at Adelaide Steeplechase on Wilson’s “Cadger “( horse ridden for the first time by Gordon, not yet the owner)
1863 Oct 1 Unplaced on “Modesty”. Hurdle Race, Ballarat- Ballarat “Star” 2/10/63
1863 Oct 3 Unplaced on Mount’s “Tam O’Shanter”, Grand Amateur Steeple, Ballarat – “Bell’s Life “
1863 Dec 22 Unplaced on “Modesty”, Corinthian Hurdle, Hamilton. “Bell’s Life” 26/12/63
1863 Dec 30 Unplaced “Modesty,” Portland Steeplechase- “Border Watch” 8/1/64; “Bell’s Life” 9/1/64 “Modesty” injured.
1864 Apr. 21 Second on “Modesty”, Great Western Steeple- Coleraine. “Border Watch,” 29/4/64; Bells Life 30/4/64
1864 May 18 Third on Bell’s “Vandyke”, Penola Steeplechase. “Border Watch” 20/5/64; “Bell’s Life”, 28/5/64
1864 July 27 Third on “Modesty”, Mount Gambier Border Handicap Steeplechase- (:Border Watch 29/7/64) (Border Watch (Mount Gambier, 
Saturday 16 December 1911, page 4)
1864 July 28 Gordon leapt his horse over a post-and-rail fence on the edge of Blue Lake, Mt. Gambier.
1864 Sep 15 Second on Gaylad, Adelaide Steeplechase- “Bell’s Life” 24/9/64
1864 Nov Modesty dies. (Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA Wednesday 11 November 1914 Page 4 –Fifty Years Ago)
1865 Jan 24 Won Hurdle Race at Guichen Bay (Robe) on Cadger. “Border Watch” 28/1/65
1865 April 20 A win at the Maiden Steeple (vic)
1865 April 20 Came third on “Ballarat” at the Great Western Steeple Coleraine Vic on 
1865 May 5 A win on “Cadger” at the Penola Steeplechase
1865 May 11 “Red Lancer” Bad fall at Ballarat. Knocked unconscious. “Ballarat Star” 12.5. 1865 Page 2
1865 Aug. Sep Trained “Cadger” in Adelaide
1865 Sep 20 Won Adelaide Annual Steeple on James’ “Cadger” “Australasian” 30/9/65 Page 4
1865 Dec 1 Won Ballarat Steeple on “Ballarat” “Australasian” 2/12/65 Page 5. “Turf Register” Page 53
1865 Dec 15 Second on “Palinarus” South Australian Jockey’s Club Thebarton meeting. (Somersault on horseback in first heat-the horse falling without losing it’s rider) (South Australian Register Saturday 16th December 1865 Page 4)
1865 Dec. “Ballarat” at Dowling Forrest Handicap Steeplechase. Ballarat.
1865/66 Great Western Steeple. Coleraine
1866 Jan. 1 Unplaced on “Cadger” Grand National Steeplechase Melbourne. “Age” 2/1/66; Turf Register Page 66.
1866 Apr. 2 Unplaced on “Cadger” Ballarat Grand National Steeple, Ballarat.- Ballarat “Star” 3/4/66
1866 Apr. 3 Second on “Cadger” Ballarat Amateur Steeple- Ballarat “Star” 4/4/66
1866 Apr. 19 Unplaced on “Cadger” Great Western Steeple- Coleraine (Vic) “Australasian” 28/4/66 Page 106; Turf Register Page 129.
1866 April 19 “The Fields of Coleraine” appeared in “Australasian” – Turf Register 19/4/66
1866 Friend. E.G. Blackmore, The Parliamentary Librarian. Prepared Blackmore’s “Launcelot” for 1st Adelaide Hunt Club Cup. (The Register (Adelaide, SA Thursday 14 August 1919 Page 5) Mr George Cox of Norwood SA says that he taught ALG Boxing
(The Register Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929) Wednesday 24 April 1912 Pge 6)
1866 Sept 15 Second on “Hector” Adelaide Annual Steeple- “Australasian” 2/9/66 Page 811
1867 Apr 12 Second on “Cadger” Ballarat Autumn Steeple. “Australasian” 13/4/67 Page 458. This was the holding of the first Grand National 
Steeple. (Sec Edward Moore Border Watch Mount Gambier Wednesday 19 April 1911 Page 4)
1867 Apr 20 “Cadger” won at race meeting in Robe.
1867 Aug 10 Won Amateur Steeple at Ballarat on Cadger. Bell’s Life 17/8/67.
1867 Oct 12 Second Great Metropolitan Steeple (Vic) On ‘Cadger’- Banker’s Dream based on this race.
1867 Oct 12 Came third at Melbourne Hunt Club Cup (Vic) on ‘Merrimac” “Australasian” 19.10.67 P 490 Turf Register P.!.
1867 Dec 20 Third on Cadger, Ballarat Steeplechase. “Australasian” 21/12/67 Page 778.
1868 Mar 21 Accident with “Necromancer” trod on Gordon’s face. (His livery stable fire was a fortnight before his accident)
1868 Mar 26 Gordon gave prize for Military Hurdle Race at Dowling Forest. “Ballarat Star” 27/3/68
1868 Apr 22 ”Babbler” bought by Major Baker at Melbourne Auction for 120 Guineas. “Ballarat Star” 25/4/68
1868 May 15 Unplaced on “Viking” in Autumn Steeple, Ballarat. “Australasian” 16/5/68 Page 618
1868 June 19 First run at Ballarat Hunt Club. “Ballarat Star” 20/4/68
1868 June 19 Took part in Melbourne Hunt Club meet. Gordon rode Phantom. “Australasian” 27/6/68 Page 810
1868 July 7 Letters (2) to John Riddoch about broken finger bone in right hand ( from a kick). Talks about grey hounds. 
1868 Sept 18 Third on “Maude,” Hunt Club Steeple, Ballarat. Won Selling Steeplechase on “Cadger” “Australasian” 19/9/68 Page 362 Page 62Turf 
Register 6. This was the inaugural Ballarat Hunt Club Steeplechase .(Portland Guardian Vic Thursday 24 September 1868, page 3) 
1868 Oct 1/5 Gordon left Ballarat for Melbourne to stay with Robert Power for 2 months. Poem A Song of Autumn written there for Miss 
Power. “Letter to Riddoch” 6/10/68 Maud Mc Laren nee Power to whom as a child Gordon wrote “A Song of Autumn” Looked 
after “Viking” of which he now had a half share with his host. 
1868 Oct 10 Gordon wins three steeplechases in one day.. Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne. “Age” 12/10/68
Melbourne Hunt Club Cup on ”Babbler”. Metropolitan Steeplechase on “Viking”. Selling Steeple on “Cadger”.
1868 Oct 17 Unplaced on “Palenurus” in Master’s Cup (Vic)- “Australasian” 24/10/68 Page 523
1868 Nov 7 Won V.R.C. Steeplechase on “Viking” – “Australasian” 14/11/68 Page 618
1868 Nov 14 V.R.C Melbourne Spring Meeting. “Peeping Tom”. –“Australasian” Pages 617-619
1868 Nov 14 Eulogy of Gordon’s riding in “Australasian” “Australasian” 14/11/68 Page 617
1868 Dec 5 Won Ballarat Steeplechase on “Babbler” –“Australasian” 12/12/68 Page 746
1869 Jan. 1 (Victoria’s First Grand National Steeplechase)Third on “Babbler” in Grand National Steeplechase. (vic) “Australasian” 2/1/69 Page 11. 
Turf Register.37 (Gordon’s horse Viking, ridden by D. Callanan) (Hobart Mercury 14/7/1917)
1869 Jan Letter to John Riddoch . Sold his horse ‘Maud’ saying his is leaving to stay with John Riddoch.
Travelling by train to Ballarat then overland on his horse ‘Fairy’. Gordon was trying for life insurance.
1869 Feb 12 Third on “Maude” in Ballarat Miners Steeple. “Australasian” 13/2/69 Page 203; Turf Register 47.
1869 Mar 4 Unplaced on “Union” Geelong (Vic) Steeplechase. “Australasian” 6/3/69 Page 298; Turf Register. 55
Racecourse now moved to beside Geelong Showgrounds, but then on the banks of the Barwon River at Marshalltown
1869 Mar. 27 Won VRC Steeple on “Babbler”
1869 Mar 29 Second in VRC Autumn Steeple on “Babbler”. “Australasian” 3/4/69 Page 426-427; Turf Register 67-68
1869 May 1 Takes part in deer hunt at Werribee. “Australasian” 8/5/69 Page 587
1869 May 9 Letter to John Riddoch just to say that he, Gordon, is in a bad way.
Going to Ballarat next week.
1869 Jun 5 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. “Australasian” 12/6/69 Page 747
1869 June 12 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. “Australasian” 19/6/69 Page 779
1869 June 19 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet “Australasian” 26/6/69 Page 811.
1869 June 24 Won Maiden Steeple at Caulfield on “Maid of the Wannon”. – “Australasian” 26/6/69 Turf Register Page 4 (The last race that 
Gordon has won) Also on record that this was the first recorded race at Caulfield Racecourse. (Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW 
Wednesday 21 July 1909 Page 4)
1869 July 1 Third place on “Maid of the Wannon” – Bylands Steeple-near Kilmore.-“(Australasian” 3/7/69 Page 19. Turf Register Page 5.)
(The Register (Adelaide Saturday 11 December 1915, page 7)
1869 July 3 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet.-“Australasian” 10/7/69 Page 44.
1869 July 10 Unplaced on “Maid of the Wannon” Croxton Park Steeple (Vic).”Australasian” 17/7/69 Page 74
1869 July 19 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. “Australasian” 24/7 69 Page 108.
1869 July 31 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. “Australasian” 7/8/69 Page 172.
1869 Aug. 7 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. “Australasian” 14/8/69 Page 204.
1869 Aug. 16 Elected as Steward of Melbourne Hunt Club. “Australasian” 21/8/69 Page 235
1869 Aug 21 Attended meet Melbourne Hunt Club, morning..- “Australasian” 23/8/69 Page 267
1869 Aug 21 Afternoon. Nowhere on “Gaylad” Croxton Park Maiden Steeple (Vic). “Age” 23/8/69 Page 226
1869 Oct 2 Fourth on Blackmore’s “Lancelot” (Launcelot) Adelaide Hunt Club Steeple- Turf Reg. Page 214
(The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Tuesday 7 October 1902, page 4)
This was the first race meeting of the Adelaide Hunt Club (The Advertiser Adelaide, SA Friday 1 October 1909 Page 9)
1869 Oct 16 Gordon’s “Free trad er” Third in Hunt Club Cup (Vic).- “Age” 18/10/69
1869 Oct 16 Gordon had a fall off “Prince Rupert” in Hunt Club Steeple.(Vic) His horse “Viking” came third.- “Age 18/10/69
1869 Oct 16 Unplaced on “Shamrock” in Selling Steeple.(Vic). “Age 18/10/69
1869 Nov 6 Unplaced on “Prince Rupert” VRC Steeplechase.(Vic) Gordon’s “Free trad er” fourth.-“Age” 8/11/69 Turf Register Page 22
1869 Dec 4 Second on “Prince Rupert” Ballarat Steeplechase.- Ballarat “Star” 6/12/69
1870 Jan. 1 Gordon’s “Free trad er” nowhere in Flemington Steeple. “Age” 3/1/70
1870 Jan 29 Viking won at Bairnsdale Steeplechase (Gippsland Times (Vic. : 1861 – 1954), Tuesday 1 February 1870, page 3)
1870 Feb 11 “Willie” Power, of “Powerscourt,”(Maffra) brought the steeplechaser” Viking’ up from Melbourne, owned conjointly by Herbert “Power and Adam Lindsay Gordon, to take the wind out of Pearson’s old Alick’s sails. Between these two owners there was great rivalry in racing. 
However, in the race held on the Greenwattle , Sale Turf Club annual races, Friday 11th February 1870, 
Viking fell and broke his neck but was not shot, but left to die. Died about 9pm that night.. The jockey (Green) was considerably hurt. (Gippsland Times Vic Saturday 11 Feb 1870 Page 3) (Gippsland Times Tuesday 15th February 1870 Pge 3)
1870 Mar 12 Badly thrown off “Prince Rupert” with head injuries at Flemington. VRC Steeplechase “Age” 14/3/70
1870 June 24 Friday-At Day Break. Shot himself in the head at dawn on Brighton Beach.- Death Certificate.

Reproducing a Biography by Eileen Kaye first published in The Australasian Newspaper in serial form in 1933.
Reproducing a biography by Eileen Kaye first published in The Australasian Newspaper in serial form in 1933.
This series of articles was recovered from The Australasian newspaper by Travis M. Sellers.
Edited by John W. Adams, with permission kindly given by The State Library of Victoria.