Restoration and planting works to Adam Lindsay Gordon’s grave (2008)
Sponsor at the Federation of Australian Writers Award (2009)
Held a wreath laying service at Gordon’s bust at Westminster Abbey, London (2009)
Promoted Adam Lindsay Gordon at the Coleraine Racing Club meet for the Coleraine Hotel Adam Lindsay Gordon Hurdle (3300m) (2010)
Raised money to fund the future care and maintenance of Poet Gordon’s grave at Brighton General Cemetery (2010)
Donated funds to Xavier Bouwer towards the production of classical song cycle “Sighs of Sorrow” (2013)
Donated funds to Brenton Manser towards the production of the film “Rider and Writer” (2013)
Donated funds to Caroline Giles towards the production of the play “The Also-Ran” (2015)
Unveiled plaque in Penzance street Glenelg (SA) to commemorate the time Gordon lived there (2016)
Arranged for an entry to commemorate Annie Gordon in the Ballarat Cemeteries memorial book (2017)
Raised funds for a protective capping on the hitching post at The Marine Hotel, Brighton (Victoria) (2019)
Published “The Encyclopedia of Adam Lindsay Gordon”, compiled by John W. Adams and Travis M. Sellers as part of the 150th anniversary of Gordon’s death (2020)