Thursday 21 March 2024 is World Poetry Day.

A poet is, before anything else, a person who is
passionately in love with language.


Held every year on 21 March, World Poetry Day celebrates one of humanity’s most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression and identity. Practised throughout history – in every culture and on every continent – poetry speaks to our common humanity and our shared values.

UNESCO first adopted 21 March as World Poetry Day in 1999 with the aim of supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered languages to be heard; and in the hope of promoting poetry as a way to communicate across borders and cultural differences.

Poetry can push boundaries or employ personal experience to help understand the experience of many. It sheds light on the beautiful and the ugly and strives to understand the function of both.

For more information about Adam Lindsay Gordon and a sample of his works, check out Gordon of Dingley Dell: Poet and Horseman – visit – or email us for more information.

Happy discovery and/or re-discovery of the joy of Adam Lindsay Gordon’s poetry!