Gordon’s Racing Career

The remarkable feature of Adam Lindsay Gordon’s unlikely success as an amateur steeplechase jockey was his ability to overcome his physical defects. The Gordons were a family known for their tall and gaunt features.  Lanky Lindsay was not your pint-sized midget jockey, but stood over six feet three inches (190.5cm) and weighed just under nine stone ten pound (61.6kgs). Slim and agile with very long legs, he was further handicapped by defective eyesight—beyond the horse’s eyes was all blur and mist. 

Physically, Gordon was the most unlikely champion jockey, but he possessed an intuitive ability of knowing his horse better than any man.  A summary of "Long Gordon’s" successes reveals a record worthy of inclusion in the Racing Hall of Fame.

Wins (21 places):

Mt Gambier Hurdle (SA) (20/6/1861) on Eagle
MacDonnell Bay Steeple (SA) (1/10/1861)
Mt Gambier Hurdle (SA) (26/12/1861)
Penola Steeple (SA) (15/1/1862)
Guichen Bay Hurdle (SA) (28/2/1862)
Mt Gambier Steeplechase (SA) (26/9/1862)
Border Steeple (SA) (5/5/1863)
Guichen Bay Hurdle (SA) (24/1/1865) on Cadger
Maiden Steeple (Vic) (20/4/1865)
Penola Steeplechase (SA) (5/5/1865) on Cadger
Adelaide Annual Steeple (20/9/1865) on Cadger
Ballarat Steeple (Vic) (1/12/1865) on Ballarat
Ballarat Amateur Steeple (Vic) (10/8/1867) on Cadger
Selling Steeplechase (Vic) (18/9/1868) on Cadger
Melbourne Hunt Club Cup (10/10/1868) on Babbler
Metropolitan Steeplechase (Vic) (10/10/1868) on Viking
Selling Steeplechase (Vic) (10/10/1868) on Cadger
VRC Steeplechase (Vic) (7/11/1868) on Viking
Ballarat Steeplechase (Vic) (5/12/1868) on Babbler
VRC Steeple (Vic) (27/3/1869) on Babbler
Caulfield Maiden Steeple (Vic) (24/6/1869) on Maid of the Wannon

2nd place (10 places):

Penola Hurdle (3/2/1860)
Hamilton Steeple (Vic) (5/12/1861)
Adelaide Steeplechase (10/9/1863)
Great Western Steeple – Coleraine (Vic) (21/4/1864) on Modesty
Adelaide Steeplechase (15/9/1864) on Gaylad
Ballarat Amateur Steeple (3/4/1866) on Cadger
Adelaide Annual Steeple (15/9/1866) on Hector
Ballarat Autumn Steeple (Vic) (12/4/1867) on Cadger
Great Metropolitan Steeple (Vic) (18/10/1867)
VRC Autumn Steeple (Vic) (29/3/1869) on Babbler
Ballarat Steeplechase (Vic) (4/12/1869) on Prince Rupert

3rd place (14 places):

Storekeeper’s Purse (SA) (20/6/1861)
Great Western Steeple – Coleraine (Vic) (20/5/1862)
Great Western Steeple – Coleraine (Vic) (14/5/1863)
Penola Steeplechase (SA) (18/5/1864) on Vandyke
Mt Gambier Steeplechase (SA) (27/7/1864) on Modesty
Great Western Steeple – Coleraine (Vic) (20/4/1865) on Ballarat
Melbourne Hunt Club Cup (Vic) (18/10/1867)
Ballarat Steeplechase (Vic) (20/12/1867) on Cadger
Ballarat Hunt Club Steeple (Vic) (18/9/1868) on Maude
Grand National Steeplechase (Vic) (1/1/1869) on Babbler
Ballarat Miners Steeple (Vic) (12/2/1869) on Maude
Bylands Steeple (Vic) (1/7/1869) on Maid of the Wannon
Hunt Club Cup (Vic) (16/10/1869) on Freetrader
Hunt Club Steeple (Vic) (16/10/1869) on Viking

Unplaced (23 races):

Penola Hurdle (1/2/1861)
Stewards Purse (SA) (1/3/1862)
Branxholme Hurdle (Vic) (22/3/1862)
Casterton Hurdle (21/5/1862)
Mt Gambier Handicap (SA) (27/9/1862)
Ballarat Hurdle Race (Vic) (1/10/1863) on Modesty
Ballarat Grand Amateur Steeple (Vic) (3/10/1863) on Tam O’Shanter
Corinthian Hurdle – Hamilton (Vic) (22/12/1863) on Modesty
Portland Steeplechase (30/12/1863) on Modesty
Ballarat Grand National Steeple (Vic) (13/5/1865) on Red Lancer
Grand National Steeplechase – Melbourne (Vic) (1/1/1866) on Cadger
Ballarat Grand National Steeplechase (2/4/1866) on Cadger
Great Western Steeple – Coleraine (Vic) (19/4/1866) on Cadger
Ballarat Autumn Steeple (15/5/1868) on Viking
Master’s Cup (Vic) (17/10/1868) on Palenurus
Geelong Steeplechase (Vic) (4/3/1869) on Union
Croxton Park Steeple (Vic) (10/7/1869) on Maid of the Wannon
Croxton Park Maiden Steeple (Vic) (21/8/1869) on Gaylad
Adelaide Hunt Club Steeple (2/10/1869) on Lancelot
Selling Steeple (Vic) (16/10/1869) on Shamrock
VRC Steeplechase (Vic) (6/11/1869) on Prince Rupert
Flemington Steeple (Vic) (1/1/1870) on Freetrader
VRC Steeplechase (Vic) (12/3/1870) on Prince Rupert

Source: The Border Watch 5 May 1936 p11.