Timeline of Adam Lindsay Gordon

Presented below is a timeline prepared by John Adams, covering all aspects of Adam Lindsay Gordon.



From Adam of Gordon "Berwickshire"


1319 (about) Sir Adam Gordon (son of Adam of Gordon) obtained "Strathbogie" , Aberdeenshire.


1547 John Gordon of Cushnie and Hallhead died in the battle of Pinkie.


1700 (approx) Robert Gordon moved to France and set up a wine business.


1730 (approx) Robert Gordon returned to Scotland and invested in Hallhead and Esslemont.  Upon his death his estates were entailed to the eldest son.


George Gordon of Hallhead and Esslemont, Son of Robert Gordon, married Anne Bowlder, settled in England and purchased "Greenhill" estate near Worcester.


Robert Gordon of Hallhead and Esslemont, son of George Gordon took for his 2nd wife (after death of first) Lady Henrietta Gordon.


Robert Gordon and Lady Henrietta Gordon had three sons.


1. George of Hallhead and Esslemont, who had a daughter, Alicia Anne and three sons,

1. Robert had a daughter Anne Baird Gordon, who married Henry Perkins Wolrige who took the name Wolrige Gordon.

2. William who was killed in Toulouse.

3. Charles Napier Gordon died unmarried and broke the male heir entail by leaving Esslement to his niece, Anne Baird Gordon in 1864.


2. William Gordon. Captain R.E. Married Frances Elrington.  Had a son Adam Durnford Gordon. Born 29 August 1796 – Captain.  Adam Durnford Gordon married Harriet Anne Gordon and had a son ADAM LINDSAY GORDON


3. Robert Gordon. Governor of Berbice British Guiana. Married Miss Austin.  Had a daughter Harriet Anne Gordon Born 3 August 1806.


1796 Aug 29 Adam Durnford Gordon born


1806 Aug 3 Harriet Elizabeth (Anne) Gordon born


1815 Adam Durnford Gordon with British Army in Barbados.


1818 Lieutenant in the Bengal Cavalry, East India Company.


1827 (latter end) Adam Durnford Gordon invalided home from the Bengal Cavalry of the East India Company.. Still less than 30 years old.


1829 Sept 12 Father. Adam Durnford Gordon Married his cousin Miss Harriet Elizabeth Gordon in Paris. Moved to Cheltenham (Poems of ALG by D Sladen 1912).


Gordon’s Father first resided at Pittville Villas Cheltenham when first at Cheltenham. Amy Christian Gordon and Ada May Gordon were born (Gold Museum Ballarat).


1830 Moved to Horta on the Island of Fayel in the Azores. Portuguese Territory.  They rented a roomy and quaintly furnished house among vineyards.  The island is not more than 6 miles long.


Unknown Amy Christian did not survive childhood.


1832 Mar 15 Ada May (Mary) Gordon born.


1833 Oct 19 Adam Lindsay Gordon Born at Horta, principal town of Fayal in the Azores.  The family then moved to Madeira in Spain for a short time.


1840 The family returned to England. to 4 Pittville Villas Cheltenham.



Jul. In first intake of pupils to Cheltenham College.


Sep 3 Theodora Gordon born. (Sladen Humphries p138).


Dec 31 Theodora Gordon died (Sladen Humphries).



Aug 10 George Riddoch born- Tombstone.


Jun. Removed from Cheltenham College.  Sent to Dumbleton Rectory. (A boarding school, and fighting school.)


1844 Feb 25 Peter Low born at Dundee – Low family bible.



Aug Family moved nearer to Cheltenham College to 25 Priory Terrace where Gordon’s lived at time of Lindsay’s departure for Australia. Mentioned in "An Exile’s Farewell".


(late 1845) Sent to shooter’s Hill to prepare for the military.



Moved to Priory Street, Cheltenham.

Nov 29 Ada May (Mary) Gordon died from tuberculosis Aged 15.



Learns horse riding from George Reeves and Tom Oliver.


May. Accepted into the Woolwich Royal Military Academy.


Aug. Joined the Woolwich Royal Military Academy.


1849 Dec. Passed probationers exam.



Jun 30 Removed from the Woolwich Royal Academy (for some misconduct).


Aug. Joined Cheltenham College again.


Feb. Sent a Valentine to Emma Fitzmaurice, now in possession of Geraldyn Fitzmaurice.  Presented by Miss E. Humphris. London



(early 1852) Left Cheltenham College.


Joined Royal Worcester Grammar School.  Meets Charles Walker (Father and Son).


Meets Jane Bridges, now Mrs Lees.


Mar 25 Stole horse belonging to Charley Walker from Lallah Rookh’s Stable to race in the Berkley Hunt Cup.  Rides her in the Berkley Hunt Cup. Said to have contributed to Gordon’s leaving England.


Sep 23 Wins a race on Louisa, Late Lallah Rookh.



Aug 4 Wrote the poem "To my Sister".


Aug 7 Left Gravesend on the Barque Julia .Left with letters of introduction to The Governor of Adelaide. General Campbell and Dundee and Ashwin.


Nov 14 Arrives in Port Adelaide South Australia.


Nov 17 Appointed to the South Australian Mounted Troopers.  Incident in Hindley Street Adelaide.  Dwelt in a little cottage of stone about 4 miles from Mt. Gambier.  Met William Trainor.


Letter to Charley Walker, Gordon’s closest friend and companion. Charley married Sally Bridges, sister to Jane, Gordon’s first love who afterwards became Mrs. Lees.


1854 Jun 8 Transferred to Penola. Met Tommy Hales.


1855 Nov 8 Resigned the South Australian Mounted Troopers.


1856 Set up in business as a horse breaker. First engagement at Lake Hawdon near Robe at Mr. Edward Stockdale’s employ.  Met Tommy Hales again.  Met Rev. Julian Tenison-Woods.  Back to his permanent home near Mt. Gambier.  Met William Trainor again and Trainor lived with Gordon for some 8-10 years.  Gordon travelled far and wide to every race meeting in the SE of SA with his race-horses.



Jan. Writes last known letter to friend Charley Walker.  Writes letter to the brother of Mr A Ashwin in Adelaide
asking for a loan of money.


Jun 17 Lindsay’s father dies. Captain Adam Durnford Gordon.


1858 Mar. Receives letter dated Dec 12 1857 from his mother Harriet Gordon.



Apr 29 Lindsay’s mother Harriet E. Gordon dies.


Aug 6 Wreck of the Admella N/E of Port MacDonnell basis for "From the Wreck" 9 years later.  Gordon rode from the wreck to Mount Gambier to raise the alarm.



Apr 6 Border Watch Newspaper opened in Mount Gambier.


Moved to Mt. Gambier from the Robe area.


Purchased land in Mt Gambier.


Jun 20 Mount Gambier in 2nd race Gordon came second on "Eagle" Hurdle race. 6 leaps over 4’6" fences.


Oct  1 MacDonnell Bay Streeple.  Von on "Vanguard".

Oct (late) Lindsay receives his share of his mother’s will about ₤7000.


Dec 26 Mount Gambier. Gordon was successful in the hurdle race. The first of many in S.A.



Dingley Dell Cottage built in 1862 by local farmer George Randall.


Alexander (Sandy Mitchell), burly Scot with one eye oversaw the construction of the Mount Gambier Hotel.


Sep. Had a fall from a race-horse at or near Robe and met his future wife Maggie Park.


Oct 20 Gordon married Maggie Park in Mount Gambier.  Built a house at Yahl Paddock in the Mt Gambier- Blue Lake area.



Jun. Wrote letter to his Uncle in Britain.


Oct 1 Nowhere on "Modesty". Hurdle Race, Ballarat- Ballarat "Star" 2/10/63.


Oct 3 Nowhere on "Tam O’Shanter", Grand Amateur Steeple, Ballarat – "Bell’s Life".


Dec 22 Nowhere on "Modesty", Corinthian Hurdle, Hamilton. "Bell’s Life" 26/12/63.


Dec 30 Nowhere on "Modesty", Portland Steeplechase- "Border Watch" 8/1/64; "Bell’s Life" 9/1/64.



Purchased land in Mt Gambier.


Mar 8 Purchased Dingley Dell, Port MacDonnell as a holiday house. Built in 1862.- Title Deeds.


Apr 21 Second on "Modesty", Great Western Steeplechase – "Border Watch," 29/4/64; Bells Life 30/4/64.


May 18 Third on "Vandyke", Penola Steeplechase. "Border Watch" 20/5/64; "Bell’s Life", 28/5/64.


Jun. Gordon Lectured to a church literary group in Mount Gambier on the subject of Phrenology.


Jul 27 Third on "Modesty", Mount Gambier Border Handicap Steeplechase- "Border Watch", 29/7/64.


Jul 28 Gordon leapt his horse over a post-and-rail fence on the edge of Blue Lake, Mt. Gambier.


Aug 30 Poem The Feud published in Mt. Gambier "Border Watch"-Ledger.


Sep 15 Second on "Gaylad", Adelaide Steeplechase- "Bell’s Life" 24/9/64.


Oct 1 First issue of "The Australasian," incorporated with "Weekly Argus", "The Yoaman" and "The Examiner." A journal of politics. Literature, Art, Commerce, Pastoral and Agricultural Pursuits, Horticulture, Mining, Acclimatisation, Athletic and Field Sports.


Oct 22 Verses inspired by "My Old Black Pipe" appeared – Bell’s Life, 22/10/64.



Jan 11 Receives a deputation asking him to stand for S.A, Parliament.- "Border Watch" 11/1/65.


Jan 14 Delivers his first political speech at Mount Gambier. "Border Watch" 14/1/65.


Jan 18 Again set out his policy at a political meeting. "Border Watch" 21/1/65.


Jan 24 Won Hurdle Race at Guichen Bay (Robe) on "Cadger". "Border Watch" 28/1/65.


Feb 9 Delivered political speech at Penola "Border Watch" 11/2/65.


Feb 11 Mount Gambier, Penola, Guichen Bay (Robe) and Mosquito Plains Committee advertise their pledge to use all lawful means to secure return of Gordon and Riddoch "Border Watch"11/2/65.


Feb 15 Nominations closed. "Border Watch" 11/2/65.


Feb 18 Mount Gambier, Penola, Guichen Bay (Robe), Mosquito Plains Committee again advertise. "Border Watch" 18/2/1865.


Feb 18 "The First Death" by Gordon, signed "Jewihi" appeared in "Australasian"- "Australasian 18/2/1865 Page 2.


Mar 1 Elections held. Gordon and Riddoch returned. "Border Watch" 11/3/65.


Mar 4 "Thou" appeared in "Australasian"- "Australasian" 4/3/65 Page 2.


Mar 6 Elected to SA Parliament.


Mar 16 South Australian Ministry resigned. – "Australasian 18/3/65 Page 5.


Mar 31 Maggie arrives in Adelaide by Steamer. Gordon rode "Cadger" overland.


Apr 5 Contributed "Farewell to Finnaree "Border Clarion" Printed by "Border Watch" – "Border Clarion 5/4/65.


Apr 20 "Ballarat" Third in Great Western Steeplechase at Coleraine.  Also won the Maiden Steeple on the same day.


May 5 "Cadger" Won steeplechase at Penola.


May 13 "Red Lancer" Bad fall at Ballarat.  Knocked unconscious. "Australasian" 14/5/65 Page 13?


May 23 Takes the oath and his seat in SA Parliament.-Hansard. Page 296.


May 31 Gordon’s first speech in S.A. Parliament The Annual Leases.- Hansard Page 361.


Jun 6 Delivered 2nd speech in S.A. Parliament. Annual Pastoral Leases Bill. Hansard 430-433.


Jun 10 "At Nightfall" by Gordon appears in "Australasian" signed ‘Jesson’ – "Australasian" 10/6/1865 Page 3.


Jun 17 Voted for a Bill to prevent influx of W.A. convicts into S.A.- Hansard Page 633.


Jun 28 Made small comment on Government policy in SA Parliament. Hansard Page 624.


Jun 30 A small comment about the division of land by using "The Hundreds" Page 648.


Jul 5 Spoke in S.A. Parliament on the issue of  Fencing of Land (Narracoorte) Hansard Page 683.


Jul 12 Spoke in Parliament- Road between Penola and Reedy Lagoon. Hansard Page 736.


Jul 22 Contributed "In Vain" to "Australasian" signed "Jesson" "Australasian" 22/7/65 Page 3.


Jul 25 Small comment in Parl. about the line between Lacepede Bay and Narracoorte and called for a "Division" Hansard Page 912.


Aug 17 "Ode to Pindar" appeared in "Bell’s Life"- "Bells Life" 17/8/65.


Aug/Sep. Trained "Cadger".


Sep 20 Won Adelaide Annual Steeple on "Cadger" "Australasian" 30/9/65 Page 4.


Oct 3 Spoke in Parliament –Address in reply (Seconded) S.A. Hansard Page 28.  Gordon presented a petition for a hospital in Mount Gambier.

Oct 11 Presented a petition on behalf of Mount Gambier residents referring to local land sales, a circuit court and other matters.


Oct Poem "Ye Wearie Wayfarer" published in Bell’s Life.


Nov 3 Spoke in Parliament.-The Commissioners of Insolvency.- S.A. Hansard Page 229-230.  Only speech worthy of note.


Dec 1 Won Ballarat Steeple on "Ballarat" "Australasian" 2/12/65 Page 5. "Turf Register" Page 53.


Dec 20 Spoke in Parliament. Road from Mount Gambier to Penola.. SA Hansard Page 605.


Dec. Gordon’s Last Will and Testament drawn up.


Dec. "Ballarat" at Dowling Forrest Handicap Steeplechase. Ballarat.


Dec 29 John Riddoch in SA Parl. about the Mt Gambier Penola Road. Hansard Page 604.


1865/66 Great Western Steeple. Coleraine.



Jan 1 Nowhere on "Cadger" Grand National Steeplechase Melbourne. "Age" 2/1/66; Turf Register Page 66.


Feb 1 Spoke in Parliament- Improvement of the Torrens banks- SA Hansard Page 910.


Feb 9 Spoke in Parliament – Local Land Sales- Gordon moved: "That in the opinion of this House it is expedient that local land sales be held at Mount Gambier in the South- East District."  Carried 16 to 10. SA Hansard Pages 1008-1010.


Apr 2 Nowhere on "Cadger" Ballarat Grand National Steeple, Ballarat.- Ballarat "Star" 3/4/66.


Apr 3 Second on "Cadger" Ballarat Amateur Steeple- Ballarat "Star" 4/4/66.


Apr 19 Nowhere on "Cadger" Great Western Steeple- "Australasian" 28/4/66 Page 106; Turf Register Page 129.


Apr 19 "The Fields of Coleraine" appeared in "Australasian" – Turf Register 19/4/66.


May 9 Dinner tended to Gordon and Riddoch at Mount Gambier- "Border Watch," 12/5/66.


Aug 4 First of "Visions in Smoke" appeared – Bell’s Life 2/8/66.


Sep 4 Gordon and Riddoch Elected to Parliamentary Communications Committee for improvements in the S.E. of South Australia. Hansard Page 299.


Sep 15 Second on "Hector" Adelaide Annual Steeple- "Australasian" Page ?2/9/66 Page 811.


Sep 26 Spoke in Parliament- Mechanics Institute at Mount Gambier- SA Hansard 458 462.


Sep 28 Spoke in Parliament – SA Hansard Page 488.


Sep 29 Lay of the Melbourne Cup- not by Macaulay- appeared- "Australasian" 29/9/66 Page 810.


Oct 6 Lay of the Melbourne Cup- not by Macaulay- concluded- "Australasian" 6/10/66 Page 842.


Oct. Poem "Ye Wearie Wayfarer" published. Wrote Whiffs from the Pipe. The Old Leaven published in the "Australasian".


Oct 26 Failed to appear at a Parliament Roll Call.- SA Hansard Page 771. Mr Gordon was the only one not to appear.


Oct 27 Fyttes 1 and 2 of "Ye Wearie Wayfarer" appeared in Bell’s Life 27/10/66.


Nov 3 Fyttes 3 and 4 of "Ye Wearie Wayfarer" appeared in Bell’s Life 3/11/66.


Nov 10 Fyttes 5 and 6 of "Ye Wearie Wayfarer" appeared in Bell’s Life 10/11/66.


Nov 10 "The Old Leaven" and "Vae Vietis" appeared- "Australasian" 10/11/66 Page 997.


Nov 17 Fytte 7 of "Ye Wearie Wayfarer" appeared- Bell’s Life 17/11/66.


Nov 20 The Speaker of SA Parliament reported receiving a letter from Mr. A. L. Gordon, resigning his seat as a representative of the District of Victoria. Hansard Page 997.


Nov 24 Fytte 8 of "Ye Wearie Wayfarer" appeared in" Bell’s Life" 24/11/66.


Nov. Went into partnership with Lambton Mount and John Peakes to transport sheep to Western Australia.


Nov. Maggie stayed with John Riddoch at Yallum Park.


Dec 11 Landed at Bunbury W.A with Lambton Mount and 4000 Merinos and 800 Leicester sheep. "Age" 11/8/66 (sic).


Dec 29 "Craedat Judaeus Appella" appeared in "Bell’s Life" 29/12/66.


Dec 29 The Champion Winner appeared. "Australasian" 29/12/66.



Jan 19 "Frusha," after introduced into "Ashtaroth," as "Thora’s Song" appeared. "Australasian" 19/1/67.


Mar. Rode from Manjimup to Albany W.A. to return to Adelaide S.A. Left Lambton behind to manage sheep. Gave up Glenelg residence and went back to Mount Gambier. "Sladen Humphris xxx1" "Humphris" Page 108.


Mar 16 "Wormwood and Nightshade" published in "Border Watch".


Apr. Letter dated April 1867 Ballarat to Maggie at Yallum.


Apr 12 Second on "Cadger" Ballarat Autumn Steeple. "Australasian" 13/4/67 Page 458.


Apr 20 "Cadger" won at race meeting in Robe.


Apr 20 "Banker’s Dream" appeared "Bell’s Life" 20/4/67.


Apr 20 "Exodus Parthendiae" appeared ( "The Lay of the Last Squatter.") "Australasian" 20/4/67 Page 487.


May 1 "Ars Longa" appeared in "Border Watch" Appeared later in "Sea Spray and Smoke Drift" "Border Watch" 1/5/67.


May 3 Maggie gave birth to a daughter Annie Lindsay Gordon after Gordon brought her back to Robe from Yallum Park. "Church Records."


May 7 Leased 164 acres at Port MacDonnell leased for 3 years to Henry Chant for the yearly rental of 52 pounds. payable quarterly.


Jun 7 Annie Lindsay Gordon Baptised. "Church Records".


Poem "Whisperings in Wattle Boughs" published.


Jun 10 Poem "Ashtaroth" published. Copyright Reg. No 25 Publishers Clarson Massina and Co Melbourne Gibbs Shallard and Co Sydney.


Jun 19 Book Sea spray and Smoke Drift published. Copyright No. 26 Publishers George Robertson Elizabeth Street Melbourne.


Jul 15 "The Last Leap" appeared. "Australasian" 15/7/67.


Aug 3 "Ex Fumo dare Lucem" appeared. "Bell’s Life" 3/8/67.


Aug 10 Won Amateur Steeple at Ballarat on "Cadger". Bell’s Life 17/8/67.


Aug 24 "Wither Bound" appeared –now known as "Quare Fatigasti. "Australasian" 24/8/67 Page 231.


Oct 5 "Sea Spray and Smoke Drift" reviewed in "Bell’s Life." 5/10/67.


Oct 12 "Sea Spray and Smoke Drift" reviewed in "Border Watch" 12/10/67.


Oct 18 Second criticism "Sea Spray and Smoke Drift" "Bell’s Life" 19/10/67.


Nov 5 Ballarat Troop of Light Horse re-formed. "Bell’s Life" 9/11/67.


Nov 22 Purchased Craig’s Livery Stables in Ballarat behind Craig’s Hotel in Lydiard Street Ballarat. Went into partnership with Harry Mount, Lambton’s brother.


Dec 20 Third on "Cadger", Ballarat Steeplechase. "Australasian" 21/12/67 Page 778.



Rowing Course on Lake Wendouree created. Gordon rowed on the Lake.  John William McPhail was a companion of Gordon, and coxswain.


Jan 4 Joined Ballarat Troop of Light Horse.  Among the members were C. W. Sherrard. Kelly. EC Moore. Harry Mount. Dr. Nicholson.


Jan 4 Last Issue of Bell’s Life. "Bell’s Life" 4/1/68.


Jan 18 "Bell’s Life" incorporated with "Australasian" "Australasian" 18/1/68 Page 73.


Mar 3 Letter to John Riddoch about the Princes visit to Ballarat.


Mar 9 Gordon promoted to rank of Senior Sergeant in Ballarat Light Horse. "Ballarat Star" 11/3/68.


Mar. Fire destroyed his Livery Stables business at Craig’s Hotel Ballarat.


Mar 21 Accident with "Necromancer" trod on Gordon’s face. (Fire was a fortnight before his accident).


Mar 26 Gordon gave prize for Military Hurdle Race at Dowling Forest. "Ballarat Star" 27/3/68.


Apr 14 Daughter Annie died. Aged 10 months. "Entered in Cemetery Records".  Headstone was designed by Gordon.


Apr 18 "Racing Ethics" by Gordon under nom de plume of "The Turf Cutter,: appeared. "Australasian" 18/4/68 Page 489.


Apr 25 "Racing Ethics’ by Gordon appeared again. "Australasian" 25/4/68 Page 522.


Apr 25 "Babbler" bought by Major Baker at Melbourne Auction for 120 Guineas. "Ballarat Star" 25/4/68.


May 15 Nowhere on "Viking" in Autumn Steeple, Ballarat. "Australasian" 16/5/68 Page 618.


Jun 19 First run at Ballarat Hunt Club. "Ballarat Star" 20/4/68.


Jun 20 Took part in Melbourne Hunt Club meet. Gordon rode Phantom. "Australasian" 27/6/68 Page 810.


Jul 4 Wrote letter re above in "Australasian." "Australasian" 4/7/68 Page 11.


Jul 7 Letters (2) to John Riddoch about broken finger bone in right hand ( from a kick). Talks about grey hounds.


Jul/Aug. Further Injuries from horses.


Sep 18 Third on "Maude," Hunt Club Steeple, Ballarat. Won Selling Steeplechase on "Cadger" "Australasian" 19/9/68 Page 362 Page 62; Turf Register 6.


Sep 25 Gordon saw Maggie off to visit her sick father in Robe S.A. "Letter to Riddoch" 6/10/68.


Sheep farming venture in W.A. eventually collapses.


Sep. Possibility of Scottish Esslemont Estate inheritance arises.  Received favourable news about Esslemont entitlement from Uncle Hamilton Gordon.




1300’s First House.  Owned by the Mareschal family. It then passed by marriage to the Cheynes of Straloch (The only remains are a circular trench- a fosse.)


1400-1450 Second House.  Tower House built.


1493 Tower House destroyed in a bitter protracted feud between the Cheynes of Esslemont and the Hays of Ardendracht.


1493 Jun 22 The Lords of Council ordained that William Hay should pay to Henry Cheyne of Esslemont, and John his son, £20 for restoration.


1500 Jul 27 Royal Licence issued authorising John Cheyne and his heirs to fortify the restoration. The Tower House was not restored but a third House was built about 1570-1590.


1570-1590 app. Third House.  During the Reformation the manor passed from the Cheyne family.


1590 app. Became the property of George Jamesone (1588-1644) the famous painter.


1644 George Jamesone died.


1646 The castle was occupied by a party of Covenanters. But some of the Royalist garrison of Fyvie, under Captain Blackater, descended on Esslemont and drove them out, killing 36 of them.


1646 app. The property was acquired by the Earls of Erroll (Gilbert Hay-died 1675 was the 11th Earl of Erroll).


1700’s Early Esslemont sold to James Gordon of Ellon.


1728 Esslemont sold by James Gordon of Ellon to Robert Gordon of Hallhead and still remains in the hands of his descendants.


1799 Fourth House.  The modern house of Esslemont was built. It is about half a mile north of the ancient castle.


1866 This house was re-built.


Oct 1/5 Gordon left Ballarat for Melbourne to stay with Robert Power for 2 months. Poem A Song of Autumn written there for Miss Power. "Letter to Riddoch" 6/10/68.  Maud McLaren nee Power to whom as a child Gordon wrote "A Song of Autumn".


Oct 6 Long letter to John Riddoch from the home of Robert Power, mainly about money, paying off everybody except John Riddoch. Received small amount of money from his father’s fist cousin and his grandmother.


Oct 10 Gordon wins three steeplechases in the afternoon. Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne. "Age" 12/10/68.


Oct 17 Article in Australasian on Gordon’s riding. "Australasian" 17/10/68 Page 491.


Oct 17 Nowhere on "Palenurus" in Master’s Cup- "Australasian" 24/10/68 Page 523.


Nov. Stayed with friend Major Baker in St. Kilda Road Barracks."- Sladen-Humphris.


Nov 1 "The Three Friends" appeared in "Colonial Monthly"-"Colonial Monthly Page 239.


Nov 7 Article in "Australasian" refers to Gordon’s reckless feats of horsemanship. –"Australasian" 7/11/68 Page 586.


Nov 7 Won V.R.C. Steeplechase on "Viking" – "Australasian" 14/11/68 Page 618.


Nov 14 V.R.C Melbourne Spring Meeting. "Peeping Tom". –"Australasian" Pages 617-619.


Nov 14 Eulogy of Gordon’s riding in "Australasian" "Australasian" 14/11/68 Page 617.


Nov 14 Gordon joined Yorick Club. –"My Father and My Father’s Friends".  Friend of Marcus Clarke.


Nov 17 Long letter to John Riddoch about his relying on racing to make ends meet.


Nov 25 Letter to John Riddoch from the house of Robert Power saying that he must sell his horses and he is recovering from his falls and must do something about a job now.


Nov 28 Maggie arrives from Robe, lands at Williamstown. Gordon was waiting at Queen’s wharf, caught up with her at Scott’s Hotel.  Then put up at hotels until lodgings were found (Geoffrey Hutton Page 152).  ‘Napolean the Third Hotel’ in Emerald Hill ("Argus" 27/6/1892 Page 6).


Nov 28 Letter to John Riddoch, talking about his Esslemont entitlement and acknowledging Riddoch’s telegram that Maggie was arriving home on the Penola.


Dec. At Lodgings in North Brighton.

Gordon’s poetry promoted by Marcus Clarke.


Dec 1 Poem "Doubtful Dreams" appeared in "Colonial Monthly"- "Colonial Monthly" Page 316.


Dec 1 Gordon hailed by Colonial Monthly as poetic find. "Colonial Monthly" Page 265.  Gordon now staying with Major Baker and the officers of the 14th Regiment at St. Kilda Barracks. "Sladen Humphris."


Dec 5 Won Ballarat Steeplechase on "Babbler" –"Australasian" 12/12/68 Page 746.


Dec 5 Received a letter from England stating he is heir to Esslemont –"Sladen- Humphris xxx11".


Dec 25 Over the hot days of Christmas stayed at lodgings in North Brighton. (Geoffrey Hutton p152)

Dec 26 Contributed "The Dregs of the Cup by the Hermit" (prose) (Either A.L. Gordon or R.H. Horne with reference to the Peripatetic Philosopher McLaren , Clarke 1887) "Australasian" 26/12/68 Page 810.



Brighton Drillroom, built in Wilson Reserve facing Middle Crescent. Demolished in 1956.


Jan 1 Third on "Babbler" in Grand National Steeplechase. "Australasian" 2/1/69 Page 11.   (Gordon’s horse Viking, ridden by D. Callanan) (Hobart Mercury 14/7/1917)


Jan. Letter to John Riddoch . Sold his horse ‘Maud’ saying his is leaving to stay with John Riddoch. Travelling by train to Ballarat then overland on his horse ‘Fairy’. Gordon was trying for life insurance.


Jan 2 "The Dregs of the Cup by the Hermit" concluded "Australasian" Page 10.


Jan 2 Went to Yallum Park SA To stay with John Riddoch Wrote From the wreck and The sick Stockrider, Wolf and hound & on the way home A Basket of Flowers.  (Edward Bright was "Ned" of The Sick Stockrider.)


Jan 16 "An Unsentimental Journey" by The Hermit sequel to "Dregs of the Cup" appeared. "Australasian" 16/1/69 Page 74-75.


Feb 12 Third on "Maude" in Ballarat Miners Steeple. "Australasian" 13/2/69 Page 203; Turf Register 47.


Feb 14 Wrote "A Basket of Flowers" for Miss Riddoch. "Sladen-Humphris xxx11".


Feb 15 Letter to John Riddoch recounting horse ride from Yallum to Coleraine and coach to Ballarat via Hamilton and how tired his body is from the journey home. Also of writing ‘A Basket of Flowers’ using a pencil and paper whilst travelling.


The Red Lion Hotel, Hawthorn was the favourite meeting place of Gordon and friend George McCrae.


Gordon’s Letter to Kendall where he mentions Kendall’s "The Hut by Black Swamp" Published 1869.


Feb 17 Letter to John Riddoch . Gordon hope for a position on the Australasian and talks about trading in horses to make some money. Also is paying interest on a loan from South Australia.


Mar 4 Nowhere on "Union" Geelong Steeplechase. "Australasian" 6/3/69 Page 298; Turf Register. 55.


Mar 6 "An Unsentimental Journey" continued "Australasian" 6/3/69 Page 299.


Mar. 27 Won VRC Steeple on "Babbler" .


Mar 29 Second in VRC Autumn Steeple on "Babbler". "Australasian" 3/4/69 Page 426-427; Turf Register 67-68.


Apr 3 "An Unsentimental Journey" concluded "Australasian Page 427.


May 1 In furnished rooms at 10 Lewis Street Brighton Vic.  Rented from Hugh Kelly and his wife.-Gardener to George Higinbotham.


May 1 Takes part in deer hunt at Werribee. "Australasian" 8/5/69 Page 587.


May 9 Letter to John Riddoch just to say that he, Gordon, is alive. Doesn’t feel much like racing.  Going to Ballarat next week.


Jun 5 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. "Australasian" 12/6/69 Page 747.


Jun 12 "How We Beat the Favourite" appeared. "Australasian" 12/6/69 Page 747.


Jun 12 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. "Australasian" 19/6/69 Page 779.


Jun 19 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. "Australasian" 26/6/69 Page 811.


Jun 24 Won Maiden Steeple at Caulfield on "Maid of the Wannon". "Australasian" 26/6/69 Turf Register Page 4.


Jul. Poem How We Beat the Favourite Published by the Australasian.


Jul 1 Third place on "Maid of the Wannon" – Bylands Steeple. "Australasian" 3/7/69 Page 19. Turf Register Page 5.


Jul 3 "The Arab Horse" appeared (prose). "Australasian" 3/7/69 Page 10.


Jul 3 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. "Australasian" 10/7/69 Page 44.


Jul 10 Nowhere on "Maid of the Wannon" Croxton Park Steeple ."Australasian" 17/7/69 Page 74.


Jul 19 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. "Australasian" 24/7 69 Page 108.


Jul 24 "The Ring and the Rocks" (prose), by "Turfeutier" appeared- "Australasian" 24/7/69 Page 106.


Jul 29 Henry Kendall joined Yorick Club.


Jul 31 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. "Australasian" 7/8/69 Page 172.


Aug 7 Attended Melbourne Hunt Club meet. "Australasian" 14/8/69 Page 204.


Aug 12 Letter to John Riddoch. Gordon still writing for the Australasian and unhappy with his treatment.  All about the Hunt Club and the hounds.  Complains he has had only two letters from Riddoch since he saw him last.


Aug 10 Elected as Steward of Melbourne Hunt Club. "Australasian" 21/8/69 Page 235.


Aug 21 Attended meet Melbourne Hunt Club, morning..- "Australasian" 25/8/69 Page 267.


Aug 21 Afternoon. Nowhere on "Gaylad" Croxton Park Maiden Steeple. "Age" 23/8/69 Page 226.


Sep 4 Letter to John Riddoch. Received notice from the National Bank about his debt to Riddoch and says he has no money to pay it. Not even enough to pay the interest on a mortgage he has and asks John Riddoch to extend his loan.


Oct 2 Fourth on Blackmore’s "Lancelot" Adelaide Hunt Club Steeple- Turf Reg. Page 214.


Oct 9 Letter from G. J. Whyte-Melville appears in "Australasian" re "Sea Spray and Smoke Drift"- "Australasian" 9/10/69 Page 458.


Oct 9 "Lancelot" Fourth in Adelaide Hunt Club Steeple.


Oct 16 Gordon’s "Freetrader" Third in Hunt Club Cup.- "Age" 18/10/69.


Oct 16 Gordon had a fall off "Prince Rupert" in Hunt Club Steeple. His horse "Viking" came third.- "Age 18/10/69.


Oct 16 Rode "Shamrock" in Selling Steeple. "Age 18/10/69.


Nov 6 Nowhere on "Prince Rupert" VRC Steeplechase. Gordon’s "Freetrader" fourth.-"Age" 8/11/69 Turf Register Page 22.


Dec 4 Second on "Prince Rupert" Ballarat Steeplechase.- Ballarat "Star" 6/12/69.


Dec 4 Gordon takes steps to assert claim to Esslemont Estate.- Sladen Humphris. xxx1.  Wrote "Argemone" for Miss Riddoch’s album.- Sladen. Humphris.xxx11.


(Late 1869) Joined Brighton Artillery Corps.  Signed his attestation before Cr. Thomas Wilson 1869 (Dingley Dell Museum)



Jan 1 Gordon’s "Freetrader" nowhere in Flemington Steeple. "Age" 3/1/70.


Jan 4 Letter to John Riddoch, thanking him for his help towards unravelling the Esslemont entail.  Higinbotham, who is a barrister, told him that a lawyer or solicitor must first put it in shape.


Jan 6 Letter to John Riddoch saying that he wants to see the Australian expert in Scottish Law who lives in Ballarat,  and saying that no-one in Melbourne is worth paying for opinion so has taken no legal counsel.


Receives news that Esslemont entail is not broken. – Sladen. Humphris xxx11.


"The Sick Stockrider" appears in Colonial Monthly- Colonial Monthly, 342-343-344.


Jan 15 "The Sick Stockrider" appears in "Australasian"- "Australasian" 15/1/70 Page 71.


Jan 17 Letter to John Riddoch saying he received Riddoch’s letter of the 10th and advice to see Ronald about the entail. Mentions "The Sick Stockrider" and how well it has been received although he, Gordon, doesn’t think much of it.


Jan 24 Letter to John Riddoch. Says the he saw Ronald and was recommended to Stewart, a Scotchman of the firm Mallison, England and Stewart.


Asks John Riddoch to come over and help him out as he, Gordon, is not wise in these matters. Mentions "The Sick Stockrider" again and how well it has been received.


Feb 9 Letter to John Riddoch. Gordon has consulted with Stewart of Mallison, England & Stewart, by the advice of Ronald & MacPherson. Stewart has sent of to Edinburgh for the best advice.  Mrs Gordon has been very ill and Gordon is finding money matters very tight.


Mar 8 Maggie goes by steamer to Robe to sick father. Returns.


Mar 9 Letter to John Riddoch. Mrs Gordon is rather better and has gone by the Pendas to Robe to see him. Gordon says "now of all times" and is very much missing John Riddoch. Gordon is getting edgy about Esslemont.


Mar 12 Badly thrown off "Prince Rupert" with head injuries at Flemington. VRC Steeplechase "Age" 14/3/70.


Mar 21 Letter to John Riddoch. Gordon has redirected the rent monies that he is receiving on his property in Mount Gambier & Port McDonald to John Riddoch.  Asks John Riddoch for money as he had to borrow some to pay for Mrs Gordon’s return trip. Talks in a desperate way about his reckless spending, his fear of being names in court, but is naturally vain and his worries are getting the better of him which inhibits his writing to make money. Says if he gets a little more desperate his wife will be better off without him.


Apr 3 Letter to John Riddoch. Thanks John Riddoch and has "settled the matter which worried him most." Encloses two letters from Kendall for whom he has a high regard" (except when his-Gordon’s-work is praised by him.)


Apr 28 Letter to John Riddoch. A Surveyor has told Gordon that land properties have gone down in value in the west. Gordon thinks that his land might be able to "clear itself."  A great wish to publish some poems, now ready, for fifteen to twenty pounds. Walks in and out from Brighton every day. Wants a little more help from John Riddoch and is confident about Esslemont if he can last out two or three months.


May 7 "Wolf and Hound" (Our Sergeant’s Yarn) appeared "Australasian" 7/5/70 Page 583.


May 9 Letter to John Riddoch. Riddoch asks Gordon what it would take to clear him off and Gordon replies that he can’t say yet, but the amount is only small. Has had to put off a Hay and Corn Dealer. His book is almost ready, but he finds writing an effort with little interest in it. He thinks that he can keep afloat. 


May 26 Letter to John Riddoch asking him to keep the rents from his properties and send him the balance and he will try to square up all he can here. Fears that his property will sell badly but it must go at once. Had a good review of "Seaspray" from England. Has made a mess of his next book publication and he won’t lose by it but will come out of it with nothing but praise.  Hopes for good news from Esslemont by an early mail now.


Jun 4 "A Song of Autumn" appeared.-"Australasian" 4/6/70 Page 711.


Jun 4 Receives news Esslemont claim had collapsed.


Jun 18 Sketch by Gordon "The Cattle Station." appeared- "Australasian"- Page 774.


Jun 23 Received the Account from publishers for his third book "Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes" Copyright No 27.


Jun 23 Broadly accepted that Gordon went to the Adam & Eve with Henry Kendall between 109-117 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Demolished in 1923 for the City Boys News Club.


Jun 23 Book Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes published.  Publishers Clarson Massina and Co General Printers. Little Collins Street East, Melbourne.


Jun 24 Early morning. Shot himself in the head at dawn on Brighton Beach.- Death Certificate.  (Of Interest. St. John The Baptist Day June 24th)


Jun 25 Leading Article on Gordon and review of Bush Ballads.- "Age" 25/6/70.


Jun 25 Bush Ballads reviewed in "Australasian"- "Australasian" 25/6/70 Page 808.


Jun 25 Inquest and Burial – "Age" 27/6/70.


Jul 2 Kendall’s "In Memoriam" appeared, and also article on Gordon- "Australasian" 2/7/70 Page 9.


Jul 2 Bush Sketch by Gordon appeared "Australasian" 2/7/70 Page 5


Jul 23 Unpublished "Fragment," published in "Australasian" wrongly credited to Gordon. See W.E. Aytoum’s "Bothwell" Part 2, Stanza 18 "Australasian" 23/7/70 Page 103.


Oct. Monument erected over Gordon’s Grave at the Brighton General Cemetery by admirers.  "Australasian" 15/10/70 Page 490.



Apr 26 "Under the Trees" appeared. Included in some editions of Gordon’s poems as "A Voice from the Bush" "S.A. Register" 26/4/71 Page 5.


May 27 Above appeared in "Australasian." "Australasian" 27/5/71 Page 647.



Dingley Dell, Port MacDonnell property given to local council by Maggie.


Mar 19 Mrs. Gordon married Peter Low at Robe. "Low Family Bible".



Bankrupt Marcus Clarke sold his library including Gordon’s volumes.


Jan 18 Black Tom Oliver died. "Sladen Humphris Page 232".


1875 A short novel "Twixt Shadow and Shine" by Marcus Clarke was published.


1881 Dec 29 Alexander Park (father of Maggie Low, widow of Adam Lindsay Gordon), dies.


1882 Jan 3 Burial of Alexander Park in the old cemetery at Penola SA.


1883 Oct 1 Article appeared in Melbourne Review, Page 424.



Feb 1 Article in Temple Bar by Patchett Martin. Temple Bar Pages 208-220.


Feb 1 Article on Gordon by Rev. J. E. T. Woods appears. Melbourne Review, Page 131.


Apr 1 "An Exile’s Farewell" appeared. Temple Bar, Page 523.


Jun 23 Avoca

"Sir Many thanks for your kind answer enclosed £1 for the Sexton and I would like above all others one Wattle Tree with the beautiful yellow blossoms and a few Snowflakes, I have sent by train some Violets from my own garden (not for the value of them but simply because I have grown them) if there are any more plants required the Sexton can send me word what he would like and I will get Mr Merton [?] to send them from Richmond there are many beside me that ought to remember poor Mr Gordon in all kindness he was a near neighbour of mine for many years near the Coast in the S E D [South East District] of Adelaide near Robe Town now called Guichen [?] Bay, but I never saw him in Melbourne. Hoping the Sexton will plant the grave nicely with a few Simple flowers Forget me not, etc.
I remain Yours respectfully Eliza Lauder."  (Brighton Cemetery Trust Letter Book)



Mar 25 Writer in "Ballarat Courier" suggests Statue of Gordon near Lake. "Ballarat Courier" 25/3/85.


Apr. Article on Poetry of Adam Lindsay Gordon by FWL Adams. Melbourne Review 1/4/85.



Aug 14 Buonarotti Society (Club of the arts) held a special Adam Lindsay Gordon evening on "The open air elements of Gordon’s poems".


Sep Frederick McCubbin painted "At the falling of the year." and "Whisperings in Wattle Boughs".


Sep 25 "Argemone" appeared in Hamilton "Spectator" 25/9/86.


1887 Jul 8 Foundation stone laid for Obelisk at legendary leap site, Mt. Gambier.-"Border Watch" 9/7/87.


1888 Howlett Ross published Laureate of the Centaurs, the first biography of Adam Lindsay Gordon, whom he had once seen ‘strolling down Collins Street with [Henry] Kendall’.


1891 Aug. "Literary Opinion" (England), edited by Patchett Martin. published "The Feud."



Jun 25 Howlett Ross’ First Pilgrimage to the tomb. – "Argus." 27/6/92 Page 6.  Wreath placed on behalf of Gordon’s first love Mrs Jane Lee nee Bridges (Gold Museum Ballarat).  Elizabeth Lauder and Edward Bright lived with their father in the SE of SA and Gordon knew their father in Cheltenham.  Mrs Elizabeth Lauder (Bright) at the age of 41 A loving friend of Gordon’s who had the Wattles planted round his grave  and paid for its upkeep from 1870-1900. Her brother, Edward Bright, was the Ned of Gordon’s masterpiece "The Sick Stockrider." (Book ALG Humphris & Sladen).


Jul 17 South Melbourne A.N.A. Pilgrimage to tomb- Wreath on tomb.


1895 Jul 6 "The Feud" appeared in "Australasian"- Australasian 6/7/95 Page 41.


1897 Oct 1 Article on Gordon by C.R. Haines appeared in Temple Bar- Temple Bar pages 222-230.


1899 Jul Mr. C. R. Long, president of the Australian Literary Society, said that along with several other friends he was invited one evening, about 15 years ago, (1899) to an entertainment to commemorate Gordon’s memory. An Australian Literary Society was formed that evening in the study of work dealing with Australia "Brighton Southern Cross 7 Sep. 1912 Page 8".  Howlett Ross was a foundation member.


1902 Jan 18 Caroline Cecile Marie Heath, daughter of Ignez Gordon, died in Melbourne – Tombstone.


1904 Mar 12 Inez Annie Gordon, daughter of above, died. Buried same tomb.- Tombstone.


1909 Feb 9 ANA made arrangements with the Trustees of the Brighton General Cemetery in Victoria for the proper care and maintenance of the poet’s grave. The initial move on this matter was prompted largely by Mr. A. A. Peverill, J. P. of the South Melbourne branch of the Australian Natives Association, who became Chief President of the ANA in Victoria in 1909. As far as can be ascertained, the ANA is nowadays, the only organisation [that] maintains such payments year by year. (See Anapress of December 1978, page 4; March 1979, page 26; December 1982, pages 3-5 and March 1983, page 7).  The ANA has made available free to interested persons over 100 cuttings from the Diosma shrub (Coleonema Album) adjacent to the monument on the grave of Adam Lindsay Gordon.


1910 Sep 11 First regular pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery- "Age" 12/9/10 Page 7.



Sep 2 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery- "Age" 2/9/11. Page 5 Statue first mooted (reported at 1912 Pilgrimage.


Nov 20 Meeting in King’s Theatre Russell Street Melbourne for a statue in Spring Street (now Gordon Square.)  Proposed by Mr. Julius Grant of the King’s Theatre who is acting as secretary.


Dec 18 Public meeting held at the King’s Theatre for a statue in Spring Street. In the absence of Sir John Madden the chair was taken by Mr Edmund Duggan and a committee was formed.



Jan 23 Executive Committee Meeting of Gordon Memorial Committee at the Green Room Club Bourke St.


Feb 25 Meeting with Mr Murray to discuss erection of a statue in Spring Street, (now Gordon Square) "Argus" 27 Feb 1912 p6.


Mar 23 Interview with Mrs. Low. S.A. "Advertiser" 23/3/1912 Page 19.


Sep 1 About 2000 attend annual pilgrimage to Gordon’s grave. "Age" 2/9/12 Page 9.


Oct 23 Bert Bailey Dramatic Company performed “On Our Selection” at the King’s Theatre to raise funds for statue.



Aug 28 Letter of praise from Retired US President Theodore Roosevelt to Newton Wanliss Esq. Ballarat.


Aug 31 Annual pilgrimage to grave held with appeal for statue in Gordon Square. "Age" 1/9/13 Page 11.


1914 Sep 6 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery "Argus" 7/3/14 Page 7.



Sep 5 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery "Argus" 6/9/15 Page 6.


Oct 18 Tree planted in Vansittart Park, Mount Gambier. Taken from Gordon’s grave "Border Watch" 20/10/15.


1916 Sep 3 Annual Pilgrimage to Gordon’s grave. "Argus" 4/9/16 Page 6.  Recorded in the film "The Life’s Romance of Adam Lindsay Gordon" starring the poet Hugh McCrae. The film was released the next day at Hoyts Olympia Theatre in Melbourne. The National Film and Sound Archives, Australia.



Jan 13 Wattle tree Gordon’s grave at the Brighton General Cemetery, Victoria, planted by Gordon’s friend George Riddoch under a memorial tablet in Vansittart Park at Mt. Gambier.


Jun 3 William Trainor died- Tombstone.


Sep 2 3000 gather at Gordon’s grave. Speakers Australian Literature Society and Brighton’s Mayor Lt. Col. J Hanby. "Age" 3/9/17 Page 4.


1918 Sep 1 Several thousand gather at Gordon’s grave. Column restored after cyclone damage. "Age" 2/9/18 Page 6.



Apr 23 George Riddoch died- Tombstone.


May 17 Interview with Harry Stockdale appears. "Argus" 18/5/1919 Page 5.


Aug 22 Meeting at Melbourne Town Hall by Gordon Memorial Committee to discuss arrangement for re-interment of Annie Gordon and Pilgrimage.


Oct 3 Annie Lindsay Gordon re-interred, from Ballarat, with her father. The year Maggie died. "Age" 4/10/19 Page 6.  (Maggie is buried at Bordertown Cemetery).


Oct 5 Pilgrimage to Brighton "Age" 6/10/19 Page 6.


Nov 29 Margaret Low died- S.A. "Advertiser’ 1/12/19.


1920 Oct 3 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery "Age’ 4/10/20.



Sep 21 Preliminary meeting of the Dingley Dell Committee held.- Minute Book.


Oct 3 Dingley Dell Restoration Committee met S.A. Government representative- Minute Book.


Oct 9 4000 attended. Senator Russell. President of the Gordon Memorial Committee presided. "Age" 10/10/21 Page 8.


Theodore Penleigh Boyd used "Twixt Shadow and Shine" as a theme for his painting.



Feb 17 Dingley Dell, Port MacDonnell Bought by South Australian Government at the request of the Dingley Dell Restoration Committee.  First house on South Australia’s Heritage Register.


April 18 Letters dated 6th March & 18th April 1922 were read stating the Certificate of Right of Burial for graves in which the late Adam Lindsay Gordon is buried have been transferred to W. Smithers Gadd by Gordons [sic] Widow & he intended transferring it to the Secretary of the Aust Natives Association. Resolved the Trustees of the late Mrs Lowe must resell through the Trustees of the Cemetery as advised by the Secretary on the 12 March 1922.


Sep 24 Largest crowd ever attended a memorial service in the Outer Reserve of the Brighton General Cemetery, Melbourne Victoria.  "Age" 25/9/22 Page 6.



The City Boys News Club moved to 109-117 Little Collins Street, demolishing the old Adam and Eve Hotel built in 1854.  Here it built a sizeable club centre which was substantially updated twice. (Photo Gold Museum Ballarat).


Sep 23 Memorial Service addressed by 2 MLA’s, Chief Commissioner of Police and C.R. Long, Education Department.  "Age" 24/9/23 Page 9.


1924 Sep 24 (21?) Record Crowd- Two lorries used as platforms at new location cnr. North Road and Hawthorn Road. Speakers W.M. Hughes MHR (too ill), an MLA The Australian Natives Association. The Education Department. The Australian Literature Society. The Institute of Arts of Letters. An ex Mayor of Bendigo. "Age ‘ 22/9/24 Page 8.


1925 Sep 20 About 3000 attended this function which was attended the function which was presided over by C.R. Long of the Education Department. "Age" 21/9/25 Page 11.



The Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial Volume Edited by E. A. Vidler was published.


Jan 2 Peter Low Died.- "Chronicle" Jan 1926.


Sep 19 Pilgrimage to Brighton "Age" 20/9/26 Page 12.


1927 Sep 18 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery. "Age" 19/9/27 Page 12.


1928 Sep 23 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery. "Age" 23/9/28 Page 8.



Jan 26 Assemblage at Dingley Dell-Australia Day.


Jun 1 Announcement in "The Argus" that the State Parliamentary House Committee has set aside land in Spring Street for statue (previously occupied by the 8 hour day monument).


Aug 7 First annual pilgrimage made to Dingley Dell, Port MacDonnell, South Australia. "Border Watch" 8/8/29.


Sep 29 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery "Argus" 30/9/29 Page 5.


1930′ s (During)

The Mount Gambier Branch of the ANA organised a number of pilgrimages to Dingley Dell.



Feb. The Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial Committee signed the contract with Paul Montford to build a statue to be placed in Spring Street and paid him £100.


Sep 6 Pilgrimage to Dingley Dell- "Border Watch" 6/9/30.


Sep 28 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery. "Age" 29/9/30. Page 10.



Aug 18 Pilgrimage to Dingley Dell "Border Watch’ 18/8/31.


Nov 1 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery, 2000 person attended. "Age" 2/11/31.



Sep 18 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery "Argus" 19/9/32 Page 8.


Oct 20 Scroll placed in pedestal of statue "Age" 21/10/32 Page 18 (or 13).


Oct 29 Pilgrimage to Dingley Dell "Border Watch" 29/10/32.


Oct 30 Statue by Paul Montford unveiled in Spring Street Melbourne (Now Gordon Reserve.) "Age" 31/10/32 Page 8.


Tablet unveiled on a house in Cheltenham, England.



Jul 29 Petition granted praying that bust of Gordon be allowed to be placed in Westminster Abbey "Official Programme of Unveiling Ceremony".


E.J Martell (Former Principal Ballarat School of Mines) began moves to have Gordon’s Bath Street Cottage moved to the Botanical Gardens.  Mr R.A. Crouch advanced the money for the project.


Aug 3 Gordon Lovers’ Society formed to help Gordon Memorial Committee with forthcoming centenary celebrations (Argus 4th Aug 1933).


Aug 4 Article in The London Times. The Dean of Westminster announces that the petition made by Gordon’s admirers had been granted.  Douglas Sladen Chairman The London Gordon Memorial Committee.


Aug 5 Article in the Manchester Guardian appeared listing the qualities which gained Gordon the outstanding honour of The Poets’ Corner.


Aug 19 Miss Eileen Kay’s biography of Gordon began in "Australasian" "Australasian" 19/8/33 Page 7.


Sep The Gordon Lovers’ Society was formed. "Argus" 27 Sep 1933.


Sep 22 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery. "Age" 22 Sep 1933 p12.


Nov. Gold mounted whip will be given by Wirth’s Circus to the winning jockey of the Melbourne Cup.  A volume of Gordon’s poems was given by the Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial committee.


Oct 14 Opening lead story appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald towards the unveiling of a tablet in honour of Gordon in The Poets’ Corner.


Oct 18 Pilgrimage to Dingley Dell. "Border Watch" 19/10/33.


Oct 18 First social evening of Gordon Lovers’ Society "Age" 19/10/33.


Oct 19 Gordon Centenary celebrated at Craig’s Hotel Ballarat.


Oct 19 Unveiling of a Tablet to the memory of Adam Lindsay Gordon in Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey.


Oct 19 Centenary of birth celebrated in many centres. Wreaths placed on statue in Spring Street, Melbourne, during ceremony. "Age" 20/10/33.


Oct 19 Letter from F. C. Kendall re Gordon and Kendall, appeared. "Age" 19/10/33.


Dec 19 Miss Eileen Kay’s biography concludes. "Australasian" 23/12 33. Page 4.



May 11 Bust of Gordon unveiled in Poets Corner Westminster Abbey by the then H.R.H. Duke of York (King George V1). "Official Programme" (Friday) Cosmo Gordon Lang. Archbishop of Canterbury officiated.


May 14 Gordon Memorial Committee held a Luncheon at the Victoria Palace to celebrate the London unveiling and the Spring Street Statue.


Aug 15 Gordon’s Ballarat cottage transferred to Botanic Gardens Ballarat and opened by Victoria’s State Governor. Lord Huntingfield  "Ballarat Courier" 16/8/34 Memorial Plaque unveiled.


The case in which Gordon carries his racing gear placed among the other relics of the poet in the Gordon Memorial Cottage, Ballarat. Case presented by Melbourne Jockey R. Lewis and taken to Ballarat by Mr. F. J. Martell President of the Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage Committee.


Oct 21 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery.  Poet Laureate John Masefield in attendance.


Oct 22 Letter in the Argus by Arthur Streeton supporting a horse statue in Melbourne.


Oct 14 First pilgrimage to Ballarat Cottage- Ballarat "Courier" 15/10/34.


Dec 28 Pilgrimage to Dingley Dell- "Border Watch" 29/12/34.



May 9 Twenty guineas given to Education Department of Victoria to purchase Gordon’s Poems for schools- "Age" 10/5/35.


May 11 Gordon Lovers’ Society celebrated first anniversary of Westminster Abbey unveiling ceremony. "Age"- 13/5/35.  100 photos of unveiling ceremony distributed to leading Municipal Libraries in Victoria- Committee Records.


May 12 Tablet on Monument in Brighton Cemetery unveiled.  (Tablet donated by A.J Roberts from Glenelg SA).  "Argus" 13/5/35.


Sep 22 Pilgrimage to Brighton. Annie L. Gordon tablet unveiled- "Age" 23/9/35.


Oct 20 Pilgrimage to Ballarat- Ballarat" Courier" 21/10/35.


Nov 15 Resolution passed in House of Representatives that Henry Lawson’s former home in Eurunderee be preserved.


Dec 30 Pilgrimage to Dingley Dell- "Border Watch" 2/1/36.



Apr 19 Gordon Lovers Society Pilgrimage to grave of Araluen Kendall Melbourne Gen. Cemetery.


Sep 20 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery.


Oct 31 Pilgrimage to the Ballarat Memorial Cottage by Lindsay Gordon Lovers’ Society.



Apr 18 Gordon Lovers Society Pilgrimage to grave of Marcus Clarke at Melbourne General Cemetery.


Sep 21 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery.



June 25 Plaque added to Ballarat Memorial cottage together with a photo of the late Fred. J. Martell who died in Ballarat 7 Feb 1938 age 85.


Apr. The ashes of Mr F. J. Martell were scattered around the Ballarat memorial cottage and surrounding flower beds.


Sep 25 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery.



Mar. Books with Adam Lindsay Gordon’s poems distributed to schools from a fund established by the Gordon Memorial Committee ("The Argus" 30 Mar 1939).


Jun 8 Meeting of the Lindsay Gordon Lovers Society.


Sep 24 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery.


Oct 26 Annual Pilgrimage to Memorial Cottage Ballarat Botanic Gardens. ("The Argus" 7 Oct 1939).


Dec 2 Play presented by Mrs Willett Bevan to Gordon Lovers’ Society. Nicholas Buildings Melbourne.

1940 Sep 29 Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery.



Mar 15 Mrs W. R. Furlong President and founding member of the Lindsay Gordon Lovers’ Society passed away.


Oct 26 Unveiling of Gordon’s Bust Ballarat Gardens Memorial Cottage (Sunday) Presented by J. K. Moir Melbourne.


Oct 26 A recorded Pilgrimage to Brighton Cemetery.


1942 Sep 27 Annual Pilgrimage to The Brighton Cemetery. Mr. C.R. Long Presided.


1943 Oct 3 Annual Pilgrimage to the Brighton Cemetery. Mr. C.R. Long presided. (The Argus 21.9.43).


1944 Dec 14 Charles R Long died.


1947 Cyril Goode commences to cart the demolished Lewis Street Brighton House to his backyard at Newport.  Brick by numbered brick.



Coleraine- Memorial Cairn to Gordon’s Great Western Steeplechase races erected.


Jun 5 Canberra bust unveiling. "Melbourne Herald" 5/6/1950 Page 7.


Jun 6 Bust of Gordon at Federal Houses "Melbourne Sun News Pictorial" 6/6/1950 Page 14.


Jun 6 Australia (Canberra) to honour poet. "Melbourne Argus" 6/6/1950 Page 5.


Jun 6 ? Sir John Latham to unveil bust. "The Melbourne Age".


Jun 13 Canberra bust unveiling. "Melbourne Herald" 13/6/1950 Page 13.


Jun 14 Gordon remembered. "Melbourne Sun News Pictorial" 14/6/1950 Page 17.


Jun 14 Place of honour for Gordon Bust (Canberra) "Melbourne Age" 14/6/1950 Page 2.


Jun 14 Gordon Bust Unveiled. "Melbourne Argus" 14/6/1950 Page 9.


1960 Jan 3 Visit to Ballarat Craft Cottage by Mrs Joan Wolridge – Gordon. The tenants of Esslemont.


1964 March 8 Centenary of purchase of Dingley Dell by Gordon Plaque Unveiled by Willaim F Roff Esq


1966 Jun 1 Border Watch Editorial Pendulum Swing Worries ‘Watch’ (SA to VIC)


1967 Centenary of Gordon in Ballarat. Dual Memorial to Gordon and World War Horses unveiled in Sturt Street.



Feb 10 Proposed Adam Lindsay Gordon Pilgrimage. Moved Mr Godwin Sec Mr Edmonds that the Secretary write to the Brighton Historical Society and advise that the Trustees will be pleased to cooperate in any way within their power in the proposed Pilgrimage to the grave of the Late Adam Lindsay Gordon. Any further developments to be Communicated to the Secretary of the Cemetery and discussed at the appropriate Time.


Sep 22 William E. Roff President of the Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial Committee Died.  A Cairn unveiled by Ballarat Mayor Cr. M J. Brown in 1976 next to the Gordon Cottage in the Ballarat Botanic Gardens.


1974 Sep. Relatives of Gordon’s Sister Inez visit cottage.

Findlay MacNish’s Mother, Cecilia Louise Lake with her sister, Elsie Josephine Lake and their cousin Gordon Cooper visiting ALG’s cottage in Ballarat in September 1974 with curators of ALG’s cottage, Audrey & Harry Brew (?)


1982 (Late) Bricks trucked to Industrial Site at Dandenong.


1983 (Late) Bricks moved to Gumbyah Park Tynong Victoria.


1987 Mar 12 The Canberra Suburb of Gordon came into existence. (Gazetted)


1992 Mar Ballarat Crafts Council re-opened the newly restored cottage as an outlet for locally produced crafts. Profits to the running of the cottage.


2005 Oct 26 Unveiling of Bust of Adam Lindsay Gordon by the Dean of Westminster The Very Rev. Dr. Wesley Carr in Penola S.A.



Jan 26 Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee formed with members from Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia with aims to commemorate the life and works of Adam Lindsay Gordon. Organise an annual Froth and Bubble Festival and to collate material relating to Adam Lindsay Gordon.


Jun 24 CHAMPIONS. The Australian Racing Museum and Hall of Fame promoted the first Adam Lindsay Gordon Froth and Bubble Festival at Federation Square, Melbourne Vic. DVD of the event produced by Pina Raiola and Ian Adams



Apr 11 The Adam Lindsay Gordon Poetry Competition with the Susan Pender Prize announced.


Jun 24 Launch of The Adam Lindsay Gordon Grave Restoration Appeal by The Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee Inc. to raise $10,000 for future maintenance of Gordon’s grave at the Brighton General Cemetery.



Jul 4 Deposit of $325 paid to Lodge Bros for re-sealing of plaques attached to Adam Lindsay Gordon’s grave.


Sep 19 Re-sealing work completed on Adam Lindsay Gordon’s grave.



Oct 27 Commemorative and wreath laying service held at Westminster Abbey (UK) organised and attended by committee members of The Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee Inc.



Mar 21 Professor Weston and Janice Bate accept invitation to be patrons of The Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee Inc.


These facts, presented in time line form, have been put together from a number of sources.


The following books will bring these facts to life:-

Adam Lindsay Gordon. The Man and the Myth by Geoffrey Hutton. Faber & Faber Limited London, 1978. Melbourne University Press, 1996.

The Last Letters 1868-1870 Adam Lindsay Gordon to John Riddoch. Edited with an Introduction by Hugh Anderson. The Hawthorn Press Melbourne 1970.

Poetical Works of Adam Lindsay Gordon Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes. 1970 Lloyd O’Neil Pty. Ltd. Preface & Introduction by Frank Maldon Robb 1912.


The Dingley Dell Conservation Park. Department of Environment and Heritage S.A.

The Ballarat Crafts Council.

The Brighton Historical Society.

The Gold Museum, Ballarat.


The Border Watch. May 5th 1936 – Closely linked with the history of "The Border Watch" is the story of Adam Lindsay Gordon, Australia’s Greatest poet. The first verses of any consequence written by Gordon were given to the public by "The Border Watch" which was the first to publish a chronology of his life.  Gordon was a constant visitor to the "Watch" office in the early days and was an intimate friend of the proprietors. Many of the poet’s works appeared in their columns, and files contained a wealth of information concerning the adventurous and varied career of this remarkable character.


The Gordon Chronology is the work of Mr. J. K Moir, one of Australia’s leading Gordon authorities and Secretary of the Melbourne Gordon Lovers’ Society, who has made a close study of the poet’s life and works. During a visit to Mount Gambier at Christmas time. J. K. Moir made a thorough search of the "Watch" files and gathered a great deal of information which enabled him to complete the chronology.